SONY VAIO no response from customer support

  captgnvr 17:39 25 Jul 2007

Dear All
I wish to share my agony about SONY VAIO PCG-GRV680.
Purchased in end 2005 and in six months I started to have booting problem. Then it stopped totally. In Chennai-India they refused to take it up saying that they dont take up international warranty items. With so much of persuation they took it up and returned saying power problem. In first week of Sept 2006, I took it to Singapore and by evening They promptly called me and said they cannot repair it as this particualr model is for U.S and they wont have the spare parts. I refused to take delivery. From Sept 2006 till 4 months back I sent umpteen emails to [email protected]. They did not respond to single email. As a result I lost the laptop and need the readers guidance or the expertise of this forums manager's advice on how to take up this matter with SONY.

  I am Spartacus 18:04 25 Jul 2007

In which country did you buy the laptop?

  captgnvr 19:17 25 Jul 2007

I GOT IT FROM BUCHAREST-ROMANIA. When one of our engineers was joining the ship I asked him to bring it for me. Now worse thing is I dont even have the warranty card as misplaced during my so many visits to this sony shops in singapore, vietnam, chennai and so on. My argument to the Sony is why cant they check it up with the model which they know for sure is not more than 6 motnhs old.

  I am Spartacus 21:00 25 Jul 2007

Are you saying you refused to take it back because they wouldn't repair it, you don't have the warranty details any more and for 9 months you haven't pursued it more than sending emails rather than writing to a Head Office, somewhere, anywhere?

I think you'll be struggling.

  I am Spartacus 21:06 25 Jul 2007

I didn't finish my thoughts.

I think you'll be struggling to get anything done after that length of time if that's the case. Do you have a receipt for it?

  captgnvr 07:27 26 Jul 2007

I have run out of options. I lost the folder with receipt and warranty and all i have as proof is the receipt of the laptop from Singpaore. Even if they take that date of 4th Sept 06, the laptop model is not more than 18months since it was launched.

The main reason for coming to this forum is to take up the matter with PC ADVISOR readers or through PC ADVISOR professional help to deal with Sony headquarters sighting the emails and my follow up there after. Further it must be made known to most of them what Sony customer service is all about and it is a sham.

  Kate B 12:30 26 Jul 2007

I think you're on shaky ground. If I understand it, you don't have any documentation to say when and where you bought the machine; furthermore, you might not even have an international warranty even if you can find the documentation.

Why don't you post what its problems are in the helproom and see if we can sort them out between us?

  I am Spartacus 13:06 26 Jul 2007

I think one problem might be is that captgnvr no longer has the laptop if I've read the post correctly.

  captgnvr 14:16 26 Jul 2007

Sparta is absolutely right Kate. Now all I have is that I have given my laptop to Sony service center at Singapore and did not take the delivery bcos they gave flimsy reason that this lap top is for U.S market and hence they wont be able to repair nor will they have spares for same.
The main thing is I want to take up the matter to Sony head quarters through this forum or through PC ADVISOR intervention if they can sugest how to go about it. There is no way I could get hold of Sony head quarters bcos from the sites I log in, it takes me to local Sony and as usual customer service does not reply.

  captgnvr 14:21 26 Jul 2007

As a proof I have only the receipt from Sony service center Singapore that I have given it to them for repairs. That is on 4th Sept 2006. After than all my getting in touch with Sony failed and hence have come to this forum to get guidance from the readers or from this forum editor.

  Forum Editor 19:42 26 Jul 2007

is that - like a lot of global businesses - Sony national companies operate as separate accounting entities, and if a computer was manufactured for the Sony US market it will not be repaired by Sony in Singapore. The people in Singapore didn't give you a 'flimsy reason', they told you the truth - they can't repair US market machines.

You made an error in refusing to accept your computer back from the Singapore people. I can't understand why you did that - they have now had your laptop for 10 months, and they can't repair it, so what's the point of leaving it with them? My advice is to get it back from Singapore as soon as possible.

The real answer to this is to get the computer back to the Bucharest supplier, and get them to deal with the repair - you'll get nowhere by shipping it around the world, looking for a friendly Sony centre.

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