Sony Vaio with 4 Dead Pixels (from Ebuyer)

  Goonerz4eva 19:54 05 Feb 2005

Hi folks.

I received my new Sony Vaio S2HP today from Ebuyer (£1360). It is a capable and small laptop indeed, and I really do like it a lot... however! There are a total of 4 dead pixels on the LCD. Damn my luck!

Because the screen and pixel size is pretty darn small they are hardly noticable, but as all you LCD owners are probably aware, once you know they are there, they still annoy you.

They are not central, but they are pretty close together (about an inch).

What do I do? Will ebuyer accept a faulty return for it? Or will I just have to send it back under the 7 day distance selling law (and also lose my £29 saturday delivery charge + restocking fee) - that said, will they accept a return when it has been used?

Please give me your thoughts! I'm going out of my mind!

  Forum Editor 00:32 06 Feb 2005

if you can't stand the pixel problem. As you say, once you know the dead pixels are there your eye is constantly drawn to them, and you'll never feel relaxed when using the computer.

Sometimes it's possible to turn dead pixels on by gently massaging them with a slightly moist cotton bud. Rub the cotton bud over the pixel in a circular motion and see what happens. Don't overdo it, and if it doesn't work first time, give up and start repacking the machine.

  Goonerz4eva 18:14 06 Feb 2005

Thanks for your response.

I've read about this method on the internet, with people saying it's an urban myth a pixel can be re-lit. I've also seen people say they tried it and made even more pixels 'die'.

What are my rights when it comes to dead pixels and ebuyer? Do they accept returns for this reason? I've searched their website thoroughly and can find no mention of it.

I've considered sending them an 'e-note' but it can take more than 5 days for them to answer, and by that time my 7 days distance selling rights will have expired.

  Totally-braindead 18:24 06 Feb 2005

Regarding dead pixels unless it is a class I screen, and I'm 99% sure it won't be then you are not entitled to return it with only 4 dead pixels, however under the 7 day distance selling law you are entitled to return it within 7 days and this is what I'd use to return it. How you stand with them not replying I don't know but I'm sure someone else will. This is one of the many reasons I won't deal with Ebuyer. Some people are lucky but you unfortunatly are not, in this case at least. I presume if you keep a copy of the email you send them then you will be covered even although they take XX days to reply, but I can't confirm this is the case so leave the thread open and see if someone can tell you.

  Forum Editor 23:12 06 Feb 2005

and you'll get a full refund. Bear in mind that Ebuyer have 30 days in which to refund your money though.

  Goonerz4eva 10:37 07 Feb 2005

Thanks for your help chaps. I've sent ebuyer a message explaining the fault, so I'll see what they come back with first.

  Viv-208691 23:33 08 Feb 2005



I have a Sony Vaio (bought November) and suddenly have a dead pixel. Anyway, thanks to your help ITS GONE!!! i pressed and circled a bit with cotton bud and hey presto!!

Im not trying to suck up but i really cant thank you enough!! I was so annoyed.

  Goonerz4eva 20:45 09 Feb 2005

Incidently I did try it as well and it didn't work with any of the 4 pixels. Boo!

  Forum Editor 22:59 09 Feb 2005

You're very welcome - I'm delighted it worked in your case. I've had success with this method on several occasions in the past, but of course there's no guarantee.

I'm sorry that you had no luck Goonerz4eva.

  thestodge 11:43 29 May 2005
  Dan the Doctus 13:38 29 May 2005

Hmmm...the ISO standard is all very well, but you'll probably find big manufacturers, such as Sony, won't abide by it if it doesn't suit them. Sony policy allows up to 7 dead pixels on a 1280x800 screen (unless grouped together) and I doubt any 'standard' will makes them change this.

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