Sony ... unrealistic quote or not ??

  audbod 21:35 27 Jul 2009

Hi there

I have to ask other peoples opinion on here just to see if maybe I am the only one who finds this funny !!

I have a Sony Vaio laptop, 7 months old. Last week a ink splash appeared across screen, i am not aware i damaged it but Sony say that i must have and would not be covered under warranty. So i sent them photos of the screen and asked for a quote.

Firstly they phoned and told me they would come and pick up my laptop and phone me with a quote, I asked them then what would happen if the quote was not suitable, and they said they would send laptop back unrepaired at a cost of £150. I was gosmacked at this, i did ask if they were planning sending a limo to pick up my laptop. Then i said "ok you say you know whats wrong with it, its needs a new screen so can you give me a quote for new screen" (which ive had a quote for locally to). They then proceeded to tell me it would cost £728 to replace the screen, on a laptop that cost me £430 and i can still buy for that price. I asked how they can justify that cost when i could just jump in my car and go and buy a new one for £300 less fact id get a new laptop and have enough to buy myself another laptop !!! I was quoted £120 for the repair locally and know i can buy the screen for about £60 on ebay !!

I actually started to laugh at the lassie as she tried to justify the cost. It would be like my door falling off my £300 washing machine and hotpoint asking for £550 to put it back on !!.

Do Sony pay their staff extra money for the hard task of trying to get customers to pay £300 more than it laptop costs new for a repair ??? !!!

  birdface 22:44 27 Jul 2009

Just wondering if it would be covered by your house insurance.Accidental damage.But maybe not worth going that way if you can fix it yourself for £60.
Whether you should be covered by your 1 year warranty I do not know,but i am sure someone will be able to comment on it.
Looks like the repair Quotes are a bit of a joke.

  Forum Editor 23:03 27 Jul 2009

you have a limited set of options. If you're unhappy with the price you've been quoted by Sony, and you can get the job done locally for £120 why don't you do that?

The fact that a repair would cost more than a new machine might seem strange to you, but you need to understand how the industry works - often it's cheaper to make laptops than it is to repair them. It sounds odd I know, but it's a fact. It's because of what are called economies of scale. As a manufacturer's production scale increases the average cost per unit falls.

  I am Spartacus 23:17 27 Jul 2009

Can you link to a photo of the 'ink splash' please. I had a Sony Vaio that developed what looked like that although it was out of warranty. On mine though it was pretty obvious it was inside the screen.

  interzone55 09:41 28 Jul 2009

Bare laptop screens are horribly expensive, and not all screens are compatible with all laptops.

When I worked for a large PC assembler we generally kept 5 or 6 different models of each size of screen, because sometimes even the same models of laptop would need different screens depending on the version of the onboard graphics chip.

Then we'd have problems with some screens having short cables & some having long cables, further complicating things, and increasing repair times and costs.

Be careful with getting a screen from a local repair shop. Make sure you fully check the screen before taking the laptop home. Turn the laptop on and look at screens of solid colour - white, Black, Red, Blue & Yellow - this will let you see things like dead or stuck pixels, and whether the lighting is adequate and constant.

A lot of the laptop screens sold online and via repair shops are reconditioned...

  lofty29 09:45 28 Jul 2009

In my opinion also many manufacturers do not want the hassle of repairing products and they quote very high prices to deter people from having them repaired, they are only really interested in selling new products.

  audbod 13:56 28 Jul 2009

Hi, thanks for replies, this is a link to a pic of it ive uploaded !! I would not claim from house insurance coz i have about a 200 excess anyway, im hoping i can get it repaired locally, that looks about my only option. Next time i will be taking out accidental damage insurance. Sony have said they would look at it but are 90 percent sure it wont be under i dont want them taking it away and charging me £150 for the priviledge of being told its not under warranty !! i pressume they wont send it back to me unless i pay up !!


click here

  I am Spartacus 14:01 28 Jul 2009

I was expecting to see a small blob, that looks more like a seriously cracked screen to me.

  interzone55 14:10 28 Jul 2009

That doesn't look like a warranty repair job to me, it looks like someone shut the lid of the laptop whilst there was a pen or something on the keyboard, or a large cat walked across the lid whilst it was shut.

One thing we would look for in these cases were corresponding marks on the keyboard.

Having said that, there's been a number of claims about damaged screens on HP laptops where the screen surround seems to be at fault, because it's been over tightened...

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