Sony NW-HD5 (Does it do MP3 Direct or Not?)

  welshwizard712 15:32 30 May 2005


Well the release of the new Sony NW-HD5 click here has taken my interest.

I know Sony have had probs with Sonic Stage with Atrac3 being a big big downfall for them. All i want to know is can i plug this thing into a USB slot and drag and drop mp3's without any software lol? (And i mean can it be done, i dont care if its official or unofficial, but can it be done)



  Johnnie_M 00:28 31 May 2005

Nop, Sonicstage needs to be used say sony

  Johnnie_M 00:29 31 May 2005

Sorry, ye Sonicstage needs to be used, its a new edition though, and it will play MP3 direct from sonicstage, no conversions

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