Sony Laptop VGNSR55X Blue ray player

  jakbiker 11:57 25 Sep 2010

Bought this laptop from sony style on line and it was delivered 09/12/2009. Its fine its quick light and does all I want.
However the blue ray player will not play the latest blue ray discs noteably "Avatar" The help line eventually directs you to a link to Corel asking u to upgrade for £60. I think this is a bit rich of Sony to provide a blueray player which is out of date in a few months.
Eventually they came back with this response..
"I understand that you want us to provide you with the upgrade for WinDVD pro 2010.

Kindly be advised that we are not the manufacturer for WinDVD.

We have certain agreement with Corel.

The WinDVD pro 2010 is only for sale by Corel.

I wish I could be of more assistance but my hands are tight.

I am very sorry for any inconvenience."

An I being unreasonable to expect a blueray player to become out of date so soon, it does play older bluray discs ok. Or do I have a claim of "not fit for purpose" in the small claims court?

The help line if you need to phone ends up in Germany and was no help whatsoever...I got a real run around.

If I catch the author of the response his hands wont be "tight" they will be "tied" until they sort it.

  jakbiker 09:46 26 Sep 2010

Thanks Beta for your response, there must be a lot of angry consumers out there. The sellers should place a warning on each bluray player stating that the equipment will shortly be out of date and to wait paitently for an upgrade..

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