Sony FZ21S and FZ31M

  oldestgit 22:36 02 Mar 2008

Excuse my ignorance, but does the lower cache on the FZ31M (2mb) make a lot of difference to performance on the machines. The FZ21S has 4mb.
I'm ready to pounce on ome of these tomorrow morning and cant decide which to go for.
Many thanks for any advice u can give.

  Diodorus Siculus 00:46 03 Mar 2008

In real life, not a lot; in the life the benchmarking freaks who love such things and in whose lives miliseconds count, yes.

There are more important things to think about that 2/4mb cache... what's the rest of the spec and what's the machine for.

  oldestgit 13:54 03 Mar 2008

Thanks for the heads up.
The machine will be for home use with a fair bit of Excel, Word and Access - some of it reasonably serious number crunching, some film downloading for my other half and of course some games for the grandchildren.
The specs are shown clearly on the Sony website under laptops FZ group.
I'll go for the FZ31 after reading your note. Its £70 cheaper, a newer model and the rest of the spec is good enough for what I want without total overkill.
Just hope it lasts as long as my old Evesham desktop which clanks & rattles a bit these days but refuses to die.
Once again - many thanks

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