Sony Free Location TV anywhere in the world

  freefx 19:54 09 Sep 2006

Has anyone here has any clue to how this device actually work. My first impression is tht if i have one of these devices say pulg in a home say in the USA, i can then watch whever the home onwer is watching, over here on my PC (wired or wireless). Isnt that sound too good to be true even if it it $200+ in my opionion is worth every penny. Saw that in Dixon yesterday, but no time to ask the sales assistant as i was on my way to work.

  Stuartli 20:14 09 Sep 2006

Is it similar to this:

click here

  Stuartli 20:15 09 Sep 2006

More details:

click here

  freefx 20:29 09 Sep 2006

I believe the idea of the sony device is similar to the one more interested in accessing TV programs broadcast in foreign countries from here(UK). I this device work, it will solve my problem. Just wonder what is the legal issue here.

  DieSse 20:53 09 Sep 2006

You can only watch the channel that the US base station is watching - and you can't change the channel - so I'm not quite sure what problem the system solves?

  Dizzy Bob 21:26 09 Sep 2006

You can change the channel, but may upset whoever is watching at home!!


  freefx 21:35 09 Sep 2006

To be able to watch whatever the home(in USA) is watching is all i need. At least i dont have to wait months for SKY to transmit the programs here.

Thanks guys.

  Stuartli 23:52 09 Sep 2006

Very many TV stations around the world also have a website which transmits programmes either live or a little while later.

In fact the BBC does this extensively for both TV and radio.

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