Sony DVD rewriter +/-R/RW & cheap DVD R/RW disks.

  Eagle Eyed Cherry 10:25 18 May 2003

I am just abot to invest in a Sony DVD rewriter +/-R/RW. Could anyone tell me if they can truly write to any DVD media, and if they have had any problems with them!

Also, if anyone knows a good website to purchase reliable and cheap DVD R/RW disks from.

Much appreciated.

  crx1600 13:34 18 May 2003

i have the sony,ive used maybe 20 different brands of discs and had no problems.

i get my discs from click here (link currently offline?)

before buying the sony, you may want to look at the new NEC drive, similar specs for less money. click here

I've just bought this DVD Drive as well, but it seems to be writing CDs at about 4x, which is a bit poo. Do you know if they can write CDs any faster?

  rickf 19:04 18 May 2003

I get my discs from comp fairs. At present you can get Infiniti +RWs for about £2.70 each and £2.50 for 10. Great media this.Non-branded onbes are £2.00 each.

  ajm 19:42 18 May 2003

You say that the CD are being written at 4X. According to the NEC site at htpp://click here

it can write upto 40X. Maybe you have not chosen the writing speed when you use your CD Writing Software.

  crx1600 19:46 18 May 2003

ajm, that is the read speed you have quoted, the record speed is 16x, and rewrite is 10x (CD-R/RW)

NoBenevolence has been a bit vague with his info and im not sure if he is referring to the sony or the NEC drive, either way a post in the helproom will get him better results with his problem.

  BigMoFoT 11:16 21 May 2003

The sony drive will write DVD at 4x (which is the fastest available), will write CD's at 32x (it could be 24x can't quite remember) and read DVD ROM at 8...

  crx1600 13:10 21 May 2003

the sony is 24x record and 10x rewrite (CD-R/RW), it does read CD's at 32x though.

  Muzziad 12:37 22 May 2003

doesn't the new NEC drive do all the same but at about £80 cheaper?

  Muzziad 12:43 22 May 2003

didn't spot your earlier post

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