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  andrewth 13:00 12 Aug 2004

I am interested in thoughts on the following.

Sony is currently in possession of my returned Sony Vaio desktop. It was returned to them under warranty because on inserting a disc into the DVD RW drive, the disc shattered and destroyed the drive. The point I am questioning is that the disc was faulty rather than the drive. Sony are telling me now that it is the fault of the disc and therefore I'll have to pay for the damage. Basically it's their engineers that have diagnosed this fault, on the basis of looking at the shattered disc I returned to them along with the PC (in many pieces).

I feel uncomfortable that their engineers believe that it is the fault of the disc, rather than due to a faulty drive. I'd used the disc several times before on the same day in the same drive and it was fine. If the problem arose most likely due to a crack on the disc or similar, my view is that the crack must have been caused by the drive in the first place. Therefore the problem was due to a faulty drive.

And would a crack lead to a shattered disc, rather than an error message 'disc unreadable'?

Have any other users out there had similar problems either with Sony DVD RW drives or indeed with Sony and their I feel rather 'cavalier' approach to their warranty and customer service?

  byfordr 13:51 12 Aug 2004

I would have thought its very hard to prove either way, although it has been noted in the past of drive which spin rapidly enough to cause problems with disks. Also there have been reports of whole batches of disks shattering in drive. I fail to see how the "experts" at Sony could pin point it to the disk without experts on stress fractures in plastics.

One of my friends successfully an argument with Orange when his phone broke. They claimed it was accidental damage, he pointed out the it was a problem with stresses in the plastic (he won he had done a thesis on it)


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