SONY Blu Ray with fault

  iqs 14:34 13 Sep 2014

Hello. Just after some advice regarding my faulty blu ray player.

Over the last four months,the blu ray player has been acting up when playing DVD's & Blu Ray discs. The discs are not faulty,they play fine on other equipment,and have worked fine prior . The discs are clean,the firmware is fully updated,and I have tried resetting to factory presets.

The fault is very intermittent .

The shop will be returning it back to SONY for testing.

If they can not fault the player(there is a noticeable fault at times),what rights to I have ?

The 1 year guarantee expires on the 20th of this month,but I have an extended 5 year guarantee from the supplier .

Thank you

  iqs 14:35 13 Sep 2014

what rights do I have :-)

  iqs 15:42 18 Sep 2014

Will do ,thanks

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