Sony: Beat This For Customer Sevice (if you can)

  kinger 14:59 25 Jun 2007

There I was sitting amongst my thousands of pounds worth of Sony gear, all purchased over the years using my Sony Credit Card.

I accrued over 39,000 points and decided to spend them on a birthday present for my son.

I ordered the new Sony DVP FX810 portable DVD player.

It arrived after two months and missed my son’s birthday.

Never mind, he was thrilled to bits with it. That was until it broke down on the 7th day of usage.

I called Sony credit card point’s helpline.
I explained that, during the first 7 days since purchase, it no longer works off the mains, nor will it charge up the battery.

The assistant informed me that it would have to go for a repair at a Sony Service Centre.

I explained in a friendly manner that under the 7 day distance selling rule, they HAD to change it for a brand new one and not let me wait for a repair.

The assistant said she would check with their sales manageress and call me back.

Two minutes later, indeed, I was called back. No, you can’t send it back, it HAS to go for repair, sorry.

I called back again after thinking about it. I gave my name and what it was about but the assistant hung up on me before saying anymore.

I called straight back.

I explained that I wasn’t happy with this as I was within my rights to ask for a replacement as I was within the 7 days rule.

No, I was told, once again. The female assistant was sounding a little angry by this time for some reason. ‘I will call you back after I speak to our sales manageress again’ she exclaimed. No call has happened as yet.

So, to clarify the situation, I called the Sony information line.

I spoke to a nice, knowledgeable man named Warren. Warren told me that they HAD to replace my unit as Sony operate a ‘7 Day Satisfaction’ guarantee.

I explained that they bluntly refused to honour this and told me that they could not replace it.
Warren replied, they’ve told you a blatant lie, they MUST replace the unit. He gave me a reference number to quote.

I called back Sony Credit Card Point’s line.
Kerry was my assistant this time. She snapped ‘It was me you spoke to last time and I TOLD you that I’d call you back once I got more information from my manageress’. Well, I’ve got some for you, I said. I tried to give her the reference number but she wouldn’t listen. ‘Who did you speak to?’, she snapped. ‘Warren’, I replied.

‘Warren is only on customer services, not head office, and has NO jurisdiction over me and can not authorise anything to do with SonyCard Points’, she went on, ‘You’ll have to wait until I get back to you, like I’ve already said’.

Can you give me your manageress’ name, please, I asked. But Kerry said that it was for internal use only and customers weren’t allowed to have it.
No head office address deals with customers at all, apparently.

I asked why she was being so awkward about all this and she replied that, although the goods DID go faulty within the ‘7 days exchange or money back guarantee’ that Sony offers, I didn’t actually call the helpline until the 8th day. I couldn’t because of the weekend, I explained. Nobody is there at weekends, so I called first thing Monday.

That didn’t matter, it was too late, according to SonyCard Points helpline.

Can anybody advise me on what I should do about this or am I wasting my time?

Meanwhile, still no return 'phone call, so I still don't know if they've changed their minds.


  HondaMan 15:22 25 Jun 2007
  kinger 15:46 25 Jun 2007

Interesting reading HondaMan. It's a shame that I can't fax it to Sony so that they can read it.

It's not so much the replacement/repair issue, it's the rudeness and smugness of the telephone assistants that upsets me.

Not worth going to court for I know, but it's interesting to see, on the site you highlighted, that I can if I choose to.

  spuds 17:31 25 Jun 2007

click here may help!

Have you tried contacting the Sony Credit card company direct about the problem, they may offer better advice and service, considering that Sony Points helpline could be a contracted out service, as an addition to the card.

  Stoneywood 19:57 25 Jun 2007

Put breakdown problem in writing, stating names dates and times.
Send it "recorded" to Sony Head office, adding that you have been getting poor service from the help lines.
Then, if you still get no satisfaction and go to court, you have all detail recorded.

BTW, I used to "swear by" Sony, now I just swear at them. (Last two items bought were seriously flawed and guarantee procedure was made very difficult.)

  wee eddie 21:13 25 Jun 2007

but you did not buy it from Sony but from the Company that handles their promotions.

Your beef is with them not Sony. They may pass you on to Sony but that will then be a different matter.

  kinger 10:24 27 Jun 2007

Just got a call from Kerry at SonyCard Points helpline and she says that Sony head office have advised that they DO take back the goods and immediately send a replacement.

They are sending a courier to collect.

I knew that I had a good case and, it seems, head office did too ... they obviously got to see my credit card usage for Sony products and didn't want to lose it, I assume.

Thanks for your comments people, great support.

  kinger 10:54 15 Jan 2008

Just to update on this.

The unit that they were going to send out is now unavailable.

I cancelled the order and I have had the points refunded.

  MAJ 11:04 15 Jan 2008

This click here and this click here is starting to come close,, kinger, not quite, but nearly, give them another couple of days.

  March Hare 11:16 15 Jan 2008

Like Klinger I was a Sony fan for many years but for various reasons I have become disillusioned with their products (particularly their DRM policies and their insistence on using their own design of universally used items like their memory stick). They are no longer on my buying list.

  March Hare 11:18 15 Jan 2008

kinger not Klinger!

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