Somewhat blank buyers....

  Stuartli 11:47 22 Oct 2003

Just been into Safeway and noticed that its buyers aren't a patch on those who operate for Morrisons, judging by prices for blank CD-Rs from Maxell (Hitachi).

Featured on the shelves are 10 packs of Maxell 12x and 16x CD-Rs with cases - price for either type is £7.99.

Also stacked alongside are the 48x version - price £6.99.

Apart from the fact that these packs are seriously overpriced (Safeway has sold them at £3.99 on occasions, whilst Morrisons sell three packs of the superb Imation 48x for £10), one wonders at the mentality of those who actually charge more for less..:-)

  Stuartli 14:21 22 Oct 2003

The Sony packs, which are subjected to the same somewhat bizzare price ranging albeit a little more expensive than the Maxells, were on offer at two packs (20 CD-Rs with cases each pack) at £20.

Sony and Imation disks are, according to click here , made by the same media manufacturer.

  Stuartli 14:25 22 Oct 2003

Incidentally, if you've bought a Pioneer DVD rewriter, might be worth noting this, posted on click here

Have a Pioneer DVD-R/-RW?

Do NOT use the new 4X DVD-R or 2X DVD-RW media in a Pioneer DVD recorder until you get the firmware update. The drive will burn up in 5 minutes
trying to calibrate itself for the new media.

This includes Apple SuperDrives, Compaq DVD-R, and several other Pioneer recorders, including their new DVR-A04.

See click here for details and to order a firmware CD.

  Al94 14:54 22 Oct 2003

I buy my Maxell CD-R's in 10 packs from Lidl and recently got them for £3.49 write speed up to 48 and have never had one fail.

  Stuartli 17:14 22 Oct 2003

Yes, I use Maxell (Hitachi) as well as they are excellent products.

I buy top branded CD-Rs whenever I see them at a bargain price and always with the cases.

You get what you pay for and buying unbranded ones is a lottery whilst, by the time you also factored in the cost of cases if bought in spindle form, they are practically the same price as Maxell, Imation etc.

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