Sometime later this weekend ...

  TOPCAT® 19:37 11 Apr 2003

... I reckon we'll see 100,000 members registered.

Great news, great achievement but not a whisper about when the PCA party begins!!

Oh well, at least I tried! :)) TC.

  graham 19:58 11 Apr 2003

Top man! Everyone will be watching for flashing lights round the screen! :-) (Can I alert the Helproom?)

  spuds 20:51 11 Apr 2003

If you are one of the 'old timers', do you get extra privledges (;o))

  crx16 21:05 11 Apr 2003

click here incase you missed this one

  Goldcroft 21:33 11 Apr 2003

As I said on the identical thread running in the Helproom: size isn't everything.

  TOPCAT® 22:37 11 Apr 2003

I did indeed miss PA28's thread of the 9th.

I waited patiently until this evening to spring the news, but was pipped to the post by two whole days!! I'll never live that down. :)) TC.

  crx16 23:31 11 Apr 2003

dont feel too bad TC.that thread was a bit premature,due to the postee going away.100,000 is no mean feat,it deserves more than one mention

  TOPCAT® 12:45 12 Apr 2003

Only 59 to go!! TC.

  graham 22:02 12 Apr 2003

Made it!

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