something to stop drafts

  carver 21:26 03 Dec 2014

I have a horsebox and recently had some vents fitted to improve the cooling properties of the fridge, the heat has to escape to make it work better.

This has created the problem of a draft straight through the vent into the horsebox, now at times it isn't too bad but park in the wrong position at this time of year and you can feel the chill wind blowing straight into the box.

We were at Aintree the other week for 6 days and trying to keep the box warm at night is a nightmare.

So the question is can anybody think of something that will still allow heat to get out but maybe slow down any breeze getting into the box.

  wee eddie 21:43 03 Dec 2014

Yeah: Close the vent when you don't need it or put a cowl on it.

  Pine Man 07:55 04 Dec 2014

Fit a back draft flap.

  carver 18:01 04 Dec 2014

Thanks for info but you can't close the vents when the fridge is working and there isn't any pressure to open a flap.

I need something that will allow the heat to escape but slow any draughts.

  carver 18:42 05 Dec 2014

Hi back again, I now know what I need to stop any draughts but I'm now stuck as to were to buy said item.

The item I need is the fine "plastic/fibreglass" mesh that is used in computers to reduce fluff getting into the PC.

The sample I have is black about 0.2mm thick with 1mm round holes, does anybody know were I can buy this from in sheet form say 20cm x 30cm.

  carver 21:48 05 Dec 2014

Woolwell it is a gas fridge but well exhausted to outside it's just this draught that's coming in via the vents that's the problem.

I spent 6 days at Aintree while my daughter competed the other week in that horsebox and even with a night heater it got cold.

I've tried a caravan dealer with no luck but will keep trying.

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