Something nice to say about Dixons

  WhiteTruckMan 13:06 17 Nov 2006

For a while I had been looking for a camera to replace my ageing finepix 1300z and after a lot of poking around I decided on another fuji, finepix s5600. Asda started doing them at 220, a while back, but I decided to wait and see if the price would come down. They could be had a lot cheaper second hand on ebay, but thats not a route I wanted to go down. I took notice when asda dropped them to 200, and at the time of my birthday they dropped them to 180. By this time my family were aware of my interest and being a difficult person to buy for, they opted to club together to get one. Fortunately they told me in advance, so I shopped around and came up with this from dixons.

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140 with free delivery sounded good to me. I tried getting for that in store, but they just laughed at me, so I ordered online on sunday. Got confirmation of acceptance of order (by email) on monday, money went out of account on tuesday along with me being given a parcel number for tracking. The free delivery only applied to a 5 day service so I didnt know when I would get it, but on thursday I needed to nip out on an errand. I decided to have a quick look at the tracker and discovered it had been scaned out of the hub onto the delivery vehicle at 08:28 that morning. well I just logged off the page and there was a knock on the door! talk about good timing. Was delivered by dhl ok -no apparent damage. I left it opened up while I went out as condensation formed on it pretty much straight away and I wanted it to come up to room temp before I played.

Well I am really impressed with it, especially the optical zoom, for the price. Mrs WTM thinks the flash is 'a bit too bright though'. Hmmmm....

So a good service by dixons. Hope it doesnt go wonky though, as I really dont want to experience anyones after sale service.


  De Marcus™ 13:13 17 Nov 2006

Very good service indeed!

With regard to the flash issue, my brother has an s7000 and I have an s5000 (although it's been gathering dust for a long time now) and the flash has a better range than most in it's price class, and is easily adjusted through the menu system (not in Auto) by 0.3 increments (-0.6 - +0.6). So now you know how to cast a more flattering light over Mrs WTM :-)

  WhiteTruckMan 13:45 17 Nov 2006

is something that I dont think she would ever refuse! <g> .

Not much danger of the flash bothering me at this point as that would mean letting someone else play with my new toy... (and dont even think about self timers, I dont want to go there!)

I think santa may be bringing me a lot bigger memory card than the 16 meg XD card supplied.

But yes, I love it. And although the price will probably come down in the new year, I still think it was a good price. (I actually was going to wait until the new year, but when I said that , I was greeted with ' oh no you dont, youre spending your birthday money NOW!'

ah well...


  The Brigadier 14:56 17 Nov 2006

Dixons technicaly dont exist anymore in the High Street, it's all now Currys Digital or PCW & The Link.

  Dizzy Bob 15:38 17 Nov 2006

Dixons still has an online presence.

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  lisa02 15:43 17 Nov 2006

The Link is being sold off is it not? O2 are buying them.

  Z1100 16:08 17 Nov 2006

...and change. I would reccomend that and using the camera at the highest resolution everytime. With 1gb SD card you can get a few photos, about 500-600 on there and have the best quality too.


  WhiteTruckMan 16:18 17 Nov 2006

if your camera takes XD. But thanks,


  Vangeliska 16:19 17 Nov 2006

Don't think an SD card will fit an XD slot! lol

  Z1100 16:21 17 Nov 2006

What about a bigger hammer, that usually helps in my house ;)


  wjrt 17:22 17 Nov 2006

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best price

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