Someone Should Invent This.......Make A Packet!

  Big L 266 21:36 01 Jun 2010


Why isn't it possible to buy a wifi router from a shop,simply plug it into a BT phone socket,and listen to internet radio only on it without any need to plug it into a computer or even sign up to an ISP unless you're already with one?

My reasoning is that DAB radio here where I live is grim,and once FM has gone,I really don't want to listen to late-night radio through the telly which is in another room. I think of my idea as a kind of 'Freeview' but down a telephone line from BT.

I'm not the brightest bulb in the illuminations on the Skegness seafront prom at times. It may or may not be possible.I don't know because I'm not electronically minded. But do you think that someone should invent this though?

All berations fully anticipated and appreciated!

Big L 266

  MAT ALAN 22:03 01 Jun 2010

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sorry matey but they sorta already have...

one of may types of these devices...

  Forum Editor 23:08 01 Jun 2010

is that the connection is via a BT phone line, so it wouldn't be free at all - you would be paying BT for the line rental, and for the connection to the internet - you can't access internet radio without being connected to the internet, and for that you need an ISP account.

You can, as MAT ALAN says already get devices that give you access to internet radio without using a computer, but you still need a broadband connection to use them.

  morddwyd 06:54 02 Jun 2010

Like you, my DAB signal is dire.

I have several internet radios, including portables that can be used all over the house and garden (but quietly!).

This is my favourite - pricey but well featured and good sound (not portable).

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  Big L 266 10:04 02 Jun 2010


Mat Alan....thank you for your post.I noted from the clipping it was 2006 but nonetheless a fascinating item to read. I guess we've come a long way since then but....

FE....I realise that perhaps the word 'freeview' was incorrectly placed. I knew we'd have to use a BT line for this to work in conjunction with a telephone via a splitter. I believe my idea to be basically easy to set up without an ISP. Many people still don't have computers but for whom DAB is a no-go area. I further believe it should be possible for BT line-rental to include access to a specifically built low-cost wifi router whose sole purpose would be to provide internet radio but without having to have an ISP provider,but via a BT basic radio service via a BT radio-only broadband service.Basic BT line rental is something the majority of people haven to pay anyway.It just seems to me such a simple concept that would solve many problems when FM goes the way of AM.I wonder if you and PCA technical bods could fathom this out better than I can to see if its a real possibility.

Of course,the best thing would be is to keep and expand FM!Save inordinate amounts of aggravation.

morddwyd....DAB in Spalding is grim.My five year old DAB radio works in one place namely the kitchen shelf by the window and then only just above bare minimum 'bars'.The FM part of the DAB picks up virtually nothing so I have to rely on a very small hand-held ancient Sony ICF-S22. Its permanently tuned to Radio Two. Its odd but sometimes the signal acts like its on Radio Luxembourg - it 'stutters' and 'jitters' in the same way Radio Lux 'phased' in and out. Even odder is the fact on FM I can't even get BBC Radio Licolnshire anywhere in my home even though I'm 18 miles away from the 'border' with Cambridgeshire.Yet I can pick up a decent FM signal for BBC Radio Cambridgeshire!

Bring back Radio Caroline and Radio London and AM radio!

Big L 266

  MAT ALAN 10:24 02 Jun 2010

Big L 266

Capital gold... now theres a station to conjour with.

  Big L 266 15:24 02 Jun 2010


Mat...I remember Capital Gold when I lived in London. Oldies station up here in Lincolnshire only play the same 500 records day and day out.I've got a bigger music collection than some of these awful formatted old clapped out oldies stations!

Big L 266

P.S.Perhaps I could set up my own internet pirate radio station. Who needs a ship these days with broadband?

  morddwyd 19:31 02 Jun 2010

Don't have to live in London to get Capital Gold.

I get it well north of Edinburgh, and it's preset No. 2 on my internet radio!

On your previous post, if you have a router without an ISP who is it going to route you to?

  Big L 266 20:52 02 Jun 2010


morddwyd....I rarely have any oldies station on now.Their formats are old-fashioned and tired as are the same records being played over and over again day in and day out. Thankfully I can compile any Top 10,12,20,30 or 40 of my own from my cd collection and mix it with old radio jingles and adverts. Its better than listening to the radio!

The point I was trying to convey about internet radio, routers and BT et-al,was that there must be a scheme whereby BT could use their vast phone network to carry the possibility of a purpose built router which would act as an internet radio beacon,and thus avoid the need for an ISP. In brief,I have no idea how it could be done.

Time for my meds fellow PCAers!

Big L 266

  the hick 23:14 02 Jun 2010

Regarding DAB, is all of Europe going to abandon FM radio soon, or just UK? I have not yet bought one, I still have an old Sony in the workshop with a cassette player, they seem to have all but disappeared now!

  morddwyd 07:23 03 Jun 2010

"I rarely have any oldies station on now.Their formats are old-fashioned"

Isn't that the idea?

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