Is somebody stockpiling Graphics cards?

  Strangely Brown 09:33 08 Nov 2004

Virtually no higher spec GeForce FX6800's or Radeon X800's in stock with anyone at the moment. I have had an XFX 6800GT on order with Amazon (cheapest at the time) since early October.

Scan don't have many, eBuyer virtually none and Komplett nothing at the higher end.

If one was into conspiracy therories you might think that the lack of supply was weeking the price artifically high.

Or is it just that the PC manufacturers are getting hold of most of the stock to put into new machines.

I want my card **stamps little foot**

  Jdoki 10:16 08 Nov 2004

Depending on who you talk to there's many reasons for the lack of top of the range video cards...

No DDR3 memory at 1.6ns

Low yields on the high speed GPU's

Bigger die size means less chips per sheet of silicon.

And so it goes on... This is a worldwide problem, not just UK.

I have found Overclockers (click here) have good supplies of GeForce 6800GT cards. I recently got a Gainward 2400 Golden Sample (factory overclocked to 6800Ultra speeds).

A friend of mine has had a Radeon X800XT PE on order with Dabs for about 3 months now.

I have recently read that there are some stocks of X800 and 6800's trickling through to retail, so fingers crossed.

By the way, Overclockers UK have the cheapest 6800GT I have seen (about 240inc VAT), and they also normally have cards by the 'big' makes such as XFX and Gainward for very reasonable prices.

  philboam 12:12 08 Nov 2004

If you are interested the pc world component shop have got ati x800 and nvidia 6800's in stock. I got my aopen aeolus 6800gt from them about 3 months ago.No problems at all, except you might pay a little bit extra for it, but at least they are in stock to buy.

  Stuartli 17:52 08 Nov 2004

Keeping back stocks of computer products would be a somewhat foolish move - there's always a better version coming along next weeek and usually at the same price or cheaper.

  rickf 22:24 08 Nov 2004
  justme 19:59 09 Nov 2004

Has it not occurred to you that Christmas is looming up fast and that all the computer manufacturers will have ordered their components to enable them to supply the expected/hoped for demand for computers for Christmas.

If you were a graphic card manufacturer who would you supply first.. the retailer wanted a couple of cards or the manufacturers ordering hundreds or thousands?

  wags 23:40 09 Nov 2004

I agree with Jdoki. I note that Overclockers still have some 6800 GTs in stock. I bought a Point of View 6800GT about 6 weeks ago, delivered the next day....I note however that the price has gone up about £8..

BTW, it's a great card, so worth waiting for.

  Strangely Brown 10:20 10 Nov 2004

Thanks for all the feedback folks. Looks like they can be found if you look hard enough.

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