Somebody call 911 - A killing of OE!

  powerless 20:17 13 Aug 2003

click here

Ah, i still have it and will have it and still use it.

  TechMad 21:31 13 Aug 2003

Apart from Outlook express' insistance on loading MSN Messenger every time, it is a good application and one that I have had few 'Issues' with.

  Stuartli 23:31 13 Aug 2003

It doesn't insist on loading MSN Messenger every time in my case - in fact not at all...:-)

Not that I want it mind.

  TechMad 08:04 14 Aug 2003

Well why does "msmsgs.exe" keep hanging OE from loading?

  watchful 18:47 14 Aug 2003

I'm completely happy with OE6 and no messenger.

I deleted MSN Explorer following advice in Tips & Tricks as you only need one and mine is provided by Freeserve.

I also deleted Messenger Service so don't get that annoyance either.

I can still use instant Messenger if I want to by clicking on the icon at the top.

  krypt1c 19:40 14 Aug 2003

Long live oe6. It's got a proper calendar and will check hotmail accounts.

  Peverelli 20:52 15 Aug 2003

Totally agree with watchful.

PS: Is 911 a valid phone number?

  powerless 20:57 15 Aug 2003

118 118 i've got your number...

...and yours

and yours...

Well 911 = US = MS ... :-)

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