Some Staples offers that may be of interest..

  Stuartli 08:58 11 Dec 2003

Got a Festive Deals flyer last night from Staples containing some interesting offers.

Main one is an Acer 1350 laptop with a 2200+ Athlon XP-M, 256MB DDR-RAM, 30GB HDD and DVD/CD-RW combo drive at £799 with a free Acer S60 PDA thrown in.

Another Acer on offer is the T120 PC with 17in monitor, AMD 2400+ CPU, similar RAM and combo offer as the 1350 and a 40GB HDD at £399.99.

HP products include the 2MP 635 digital camera with 3x zoom and 4x digital zoom lenses combined with the 7260 HP printer for £179.98 and the (claimed) 3.1MP 435 digital camera with (presumably) 5x digital zoom at £99.99. Sounds like an ideal beginner’s model.

Printers include the Lexmark X1150 All-in-One at £69 and the Epson C44UX colour printer down from (claimed) previous prices of £60 and £50 to £39.99.

A Creative badged cordless keyboard with 16 Hot Keys and mouse is £19.99, but the Memorex 50 pack of 52x CD-Rs with slimline cases at £25 is poor value – Morrisons is still selling the superb Imation 48x CD-Rs with cases at three packs for £10, a total of 30 CD-Rs and cases.

Other useful buys are a three-pack of Sony 180 min VHS tapes at £2.99 and the HP Photo Greeting Card pack at £7.49 on a BOGOF basis.

  [DELETED] 10:09 11 Dec 2003

Good thread mate - - and some interesting stuff - - -a PC with a better spec than mine for £399 - - and mine cost me £1600 3.5 years ago.

  [DELETED] 15:57 11 Dec 2003

Was in there yesterday and couldn't believe the price of the desktop at £399.Was even more surprised to learn the price included monitor.

I bet a few of them end up under the tree in two weeks time!

  [DELETED] 16:18 11 Dec 2003

Does the desktop for £399 include Win XP?

  [DELETED] 21:19 11 Dec 2003

yep - - I believe it does, very few systems will come without an OS nowadays

  [DELETED] 22:42 12 Dec 2003

That I spotted (from a review in the OTHER mag) is that the PC comes with onboard graphics, but doesn't say how many Mb. If it were possible to swop the monitor for a graphics card then the offer would be even better, IMO as my monitor is fine at the mo'.

  Stuartli 08:25 13 Dec 2003

You can't have everything for £399...:-)

Finding out what mobo is used would make it easy to find out about the onboard graphics.

  [DELETED] 10:59 13 Dec 2003

It does make a nice change for an entry level PC to be a realistic price. Instead of a 'budget' one at ONLY £700.
I know the spec of PCs are increasing all the time but if a 1Ghz processor/40gb HDD and 128Mb of ram was good enough a year ago then it must be good enough still as the software hasn't altered to that great extent.

  [DELETED] 18:05 13 Dec 2003

Just been to Staples and the Acer laptop is now onl £699 with the PDA seems excelent value to me

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