Is this some sort of scam, I've been sent a cheque

  erkmatrix 11:37 03 Apr 2010

Something very strange came through the post today, I got a letter from America with a one A4 size piece of paper with a cheque for 104 dollars, it doesn't give any details as to what it is for though, just mentions this company Webmasterchecks and USbank in the bottom left of it, its signed by someone but you can't make out the signature. It says void 90 days after the issue date and was sent on the 29.29.10. but yeah the strangest thing is it nowhere tells me who it is actually from or what it is actually for. I do run a online business selling art and graphic design services but only dealing with the USA is I'm also setting up a online store and use a American Magento host , but the site isn't launched till August so I can't think its got anything to do with this. Its very strange indeed. Anyone heard of webmasterchecks or anything to say this is a scam which it probably is, people don't just send you money for nothing do they.

  beynac 11:53 03 Apr 2010

It's a cheque payment service. I'm surprised that they don't tell you who instructed them.

click here

  Forum Editor 11:59 03 Apr 2010

when it comes to receiving unsolicited cheques - I bank them.

If they clear I get interested, and if they don't I forget about them.

  ronalddonald 12:49 03 Apr 2010

it would be good to bank it however the date on it being 29/29/10, i dont know if the cashier at your bank will accept it.

  erkmatrix 12:52 03 Apr 2010

Hi thanks for the replies, yeah it is strange to not mention who sent it through this webmasterchecks site. How would I cash a web check though would it have to be through the site, bit reluctant especially if it means giving anything bank account related, especially when I'm unsure if the check is for real. Or can you cash it in at my bank like a normal cheque, if it bounces yeah its no biggy I agree FE its worth trying.

  erkmatrix 12:54 03 Apr 2010

sorry ronalddonald thats a spelling error on my part, its said 29.03.10 not 29.29.10

  Pine Man 13:35 03 Apr 2010

Have a look at their site and see if you can find the info you want click here

  jakimo 13:47 03 Apr 2010

One thing you are overlooking and thats a computer error on the senders part,so bank it,there may be more to follow

  john bunyan 13:57 03 Apr 2010

It is odd tthat an American company would use 29.03.10, as they normally use 03.29.10 - a bit odd and hopefully not Nigerian origin and as Marg7 be careful. Maybe ensure your bang informs you when it clears and warn them of your concerns.

  erkmatrix 14:40 03 Apr 2010

John yeah in the cheque it is written like that I just wrote it in its UK format, they did put 3/29/10.

Its probably best to just leave it and throw it away, its too odd to be worth being scammed somehow.

If it was legit surely it would have some sort of name as to who its from printed in type as well as a signature being scribbled across it.

I'll maybe have more of a look at the website as it has a reference number maybe I can find out some details as to who sent it, I certainly won't be registering any of my bank account though.

Thanks for the advice all

  birdface 20:54 03 Apr 2010

Look out for a follow on letter telling you that they have paid you by mistake and someone will collect the cash from you instead of the check.
Of course you pay the cash and the cheque bounces and you are left out of pocket.
That is what the scammers do when they buy a car of you from the internet.
Overpay you by cheque and then they come and collect the car and get you to pay cash for the extra that they sent by mistake.
WOT has no security clearance on webmasterchecks,
So obviously new.

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