Some questions about broadband

  morris948 19:44 10 Nov 2004

Yippee !!! It has been anounced that my local telephone exchange is broadband enabled today.

So i thought i would surf the net for info on broadband providers, i found that NTL do a reasonable deal, but i dont know what speed to use.

Because i live more than 6 miles from the exchange, would there be any benefit going for speeds above 600Kb.
Does anyone have any experiences as to what realistic download speeds are acheivable when you live far away from the exchange?

  throwitoutthewindow 20:10 10 Nov 2004

I live more than 6km and recently got BTBroadband 500kbps. It is brilliant and I really do get 500kbps. I also get 256kbps upstream. There is a possibility that the service will adapt to poor line conditions and you may only get 64kbps upstream but that has not happened to me. You should always get the downstream rate you paid for unless there are lots of users on line in which case you will get less.

  Djohn 04:02 11 Nov 2004

Because you live more than 6 miles from the exchange you may not be able to receive broadband.

Go to one of the websites of any of the providers, [doesn't matter which] and type your phone number in to the line check facility to see if you can receive the signal.

  Urotsukidoji 09:15 11 Nov 2004

so if you are going broadband you have cable? if so blueyonder and ntl do reasonable all in one packages

or do you mean ADSL?

remember all


ADSL is for people with BT lines

as small difference but an important one

  g0slp 09:26 11 Nov 2004

Djohn's suggestion is a good one as a first step, morris948.

Urotsukidoji makes a good point too.

Assuming the line check is OK, then you can look around. NTL's basic package is going to start at 1MBs shortly, for the same price as their present 512K service, so stand by for a possible price war. (Good for new customers!)

FWIW, I've had NTL ADSL for 3 weeks now, & speed's been steady at 576K. (Joined just too early for 1MB...)

  woodt 09:43 11 Nov 2004

Have a look click here for a fairly comprehensive list.

  961 10:14 11 Nov 2004

The site wwodt suggests is worth spending an hour on.

Apart from anything else it provides a comprehensive database of ISPs and their customers reports of service, reliability and speeds. All is not the same among ISPs!

Another site to look at is click here

It's also worth pointing out that there does seem to be a view that USB modems are not necessarily the way to go, even if they are free, if you want the best performance

  morris948 14:53 11 Nov 2004

I did some checks as you suggested by typing in my phone number and postcode, and got some interesting results !

For ADSL broadband:-
Yes, can use 512kb but subject to line length, further tests to be carried out.

NTL freedom
My postcode says yes broadband is available, but when my phone number entered, said 'sorry we are not able to fulfil your request for NTL freedom broadband'

Other ISP's all revealed that it is available at the 512Kb speed but in the case of NTL, is it that there web page is not updated with the new enabled telephone exchange yet or are the others just sales hungry to get you to sign up.

  woodt 22:33 11 Nov 2004

Isn't NTL a cable service?

  ste_bla 23:40 11 Nov 2004

ntl started offering asdl & non cable phone services 'ntl freedom' click here

  Bandy 23:50 11 Nov 2004

When checking broadband for a friend recently the postcode check said all was fine but that using the teleone number would give a more acurate measure,

The latter check showed, thay are a similar distance away from their exchange as you are, that their may be some difficulty. I think its called condition amber.

A telephone call to BT showed that they would be able to get the 512kb service but not the higher speeds

They now have BT broadband and are very happy with it.

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