Some praises for once...

  Baledor 15:09 12 Aug 2004

It seems we bash and kick PC & peripheral suppliers everyday on here, but I would like to add a good note.

I returned a digital camera to Amazon on Friday last week, so they would got it Monday or Tuesday, today is Thursday and I have just checked my bank account and the money is back in.

Well done Amazon!

  Stuartli 15:17 12 Aug 2004

I had a similar experience with amazon recently, which I commented on in a thread at the time.

Good to know the company is continuing to look after its customers.

  Forum Editor 18:57 12 Aug 2004

some positive news, although I'm not surprised about this.........Amazon repeatedly show other online retailers how it should be done.

  Dorsai 19:08 12 Aug 2004

Some companies know what 'customer care' is all about. so praise where it's due.

But the sad fact is that bad news travels faster than good. I went on a training course once, and the bloke running the course mentioned that a disgruntled custome will always tell several people/friends/aquaintances (can remember how many, the average he said) about the bad experiance he had at 'anyplace shop'.

The person who had a good experiance on average tell many less.

It's coz we expect to have a good experiance. So when we get what we expect, it not something special, so we dont say. But if it's a bad visit, that is memorable, and not what we expect, so we say.

But when a company director turns up on the telly and gets grilled about 'Mr. Kent from Smallville' and the Director says 'we have 10's of thousands of satisfied customers' we think 'yeh, yeh, you would say that wouldn't you'.

The moral- the customer is always right, even when they are wrong.

Fair play to Amazon though, sounds like they got the right idea.

  Mister Splendid©®™! 19:53 12 Aug 2004

Amazon and Crucial, two companies that always deserve praise for customer service. Others should learn from their example.

  spuds 23:58 12 Aug 2004

Amazon do indeed warrant worthy praise. I required a special cd, and contacting Amazon Uk, they put me in touch with their USA establishment.Six days later the cd arrived safe and sound on my doorstep. I was a very happy bunny that day.Pity that most other companies do not go that little bit further for their potential customers.Amazon 10/10 for that one.

  ensonricky 21:10 13 Aug 2004

I have boought numerous goods from Amazon with one exception the service has been excellent. The problem involved an item whose delivery was promised after two weeks then a further 3 weeks and eventually 5 weeks. I consequently cancelled my order without problem then purchased elsewhere.

  Pesala 21:45 13 Aug 2004

Novatech click here often get praised in these pages. Great prices and fast delivery.

Manx Print Care click here is where I often get my toner and ink cartridges.

Viking Direct click here were always prompt on delivery of stationery items. Free delivery for order over £30. Not quite the cheapest, but a wide product range, good quality, and good service. Hardly worth getting the car out to go to Office World when mail order delivery is free.

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