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Some good service for a refreshing change

  bumpkin 19:01 25 Jul 2015

My electric garage door failed to open yesterday, I have 3 remotes so ruled out battery. It did open it with a wired keypad so not the opener itself so I concluded that it was a problem with the remote receiver. OK then so I need to replace it but phoned the company I originally bought it from 2 yrs ago just for some advice on things to try or to buy a replacement. They asked for some info code numbers etc then checked when I had bought it on their pc and knew who I was. It is out of warranty they said but we have some problems with that batch in the past, we will post you a replacement FOC today and apologize for the inconvenience. I got it this morning! I doubt you can beat that for customer service.

  Nontek 22:11 25 Jul 2015

This Post, with which I agree, would make more sense if you named the Company.

  bumpkin 22:39 25 Jul 2015

pity more don't learn from examples like this.

It is indeed, it may have cost them a few quid for the item itself plus the postage @ £3.30 but I will know who to deal with in future plus the recommendations that I can confidently give. Advertising is expensive, personal recommendations which will most likely be given to people that are interested in the product it the first place cost nothing and if everyone is happy then on it goes, good business sense to my mind

  bumpkin 22:50 25 Jul 2015

Just read your post Nontech, I am quite happy to name the company but did not do so as forum rules may not find it acceptable. I will post it anyway and if removed so be it.

The Company on the web "The Garage Door Guru" which is Fenland Garage Doors Ltd based in Norfolk.

  Forum Editor 22:55 25 Jul 2015

Transferred to Tech Consumer Advice from Speakers Corner.

  Govan1x 23:47 25 Jul 2015

Ordered a cheap a cheap 2.5 external case from Amazon yesterday. It was only £2.99 with free delivery and received it this morning.

It was from one of Amazons sellers. I have not bought anything from Amazon since they put their free deliver purchase price to £20.00 or more. So maybe Amazon could learn from some of their sellers free postage and super fast delivery.

Agree with bumpkin nothing to beat good service.

  mole1944 06:37 26 Jul 2015

I use a DE razor and have had superb service from Edwin Jagger as the razor head went faulty after 15 months,they just sent a replacement head no if's or buts. Guess who i'll purchase from again.

  Roadgiant 07:22 26 Jul 2015

I took a chance and bought a mobile from a company in China,after 4 months it developed a fault, I contacted them by e-mail and they asked me to return it with proof of postage and e-mail back to hem.Sent proof of postage on Monday, replacement phone by Friday,still working fine 3 years down the line.I don't think many UK company's would be that quick.

  BT 08:34 26 Jul 2015

Ordered a cheap a cheap 2.5 external case from Amazon..

I also bought a similar item at a similar price from an Amazon seller which was faulty. Contacted them via the Amazon system, got an Email back a few hours later and they sent me a replacement - no charge, and didn't have to send the faulty one back.

As for the £20 minimum for free postage, you can often find 'sellers' with free postage for the same item but its a matter of picking and choosing as their prices are often higher. I just this week ordered a Wifi extender at £19.99, so £3.99 postage was payable, but the price had been reduced from £26.99 so I was still in pocket.

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