Some buying advice please AMD Athlon or Pentium 4?

  User-763F773A-500E-460D-998F964A6A3097E8 22:17 29 Oct 2004

Hi Folks - As a computer user who doesn't know his giga bytes from his mosquito bites can you please help as I wish to buy a new desktop for home. It needs to run games for the kids, download music (kids again, run my Digital Camcorder videos (mainly cricket coaching)recordings and Digital Camera stills etc.. Do I need a Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon? what's the difference? The machine below is a special offer in this month's mag.. Does it do all I need for £1,000 (which is approx the budget I want to spend) Are Evesham any good?

Operating system
Microsoft® Windows® XP Home Edition

AMD Athlon 64 3200+ processor

MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum motherboard

2 x 256MB dual channel DDR RAM (PC3200) 400MHz

Hard disk
160GB Serial ATA hard drive with 8MB buffer

128MB DDR ATI Radeon 9800 Pro graphics with TV-out & DVI

17" Philips VE710B (TFT) monitor

Creative Inspire P5800 5.1

CD/DVD Rewriter
CD-RW drive (52x24x52)
Sony DW-D22A Dual-Layer IDE DVD+/-RW (black)

Keyboard and mouse
Microsoft cordless keyboard and cordless optical mouse

v92 56k Internet ready modem

Stylish tool free case - Xpider or Sleek design (435 x 222 x 495mm)

Standard software
Microsoft Works 8.0 OEM

Any Advice will be gratefully received and if the machine above is no good suggestions for alternatives please.

Many Thanks

  joesoaps 22:44 29 Oct 2004

Evesham have a very good reputation on these forums so no problems there I think.From a gaming point of view that's a very good graphics card,should play all the latest games.just one point CRT is better for Gaming than TFT but for a casual gamer it should be o.k.

  Starfox 22:49 29 Oct 2004

Should make a good gaming pc,agree with joesoaps about the CRT also.

  smokingbeagle 23:07 29 Oct 2004

The dial-up modem will be redundant because you will need broadband to download music and you should consider adding a soundcard. Don't forget to budget for firewall and anti-virus products or consider the various free ones mentioned in the various threads in this forum.

  diy 23:50 29 Oct 2004

Stick with dial up if your children download music, it acts as a sort of 'choke', with broadband your cricket coaching videos will soon be lost amongst giga bytes of what seems to pass as music!!!

  bremner 00:06 30 Oct 2004

The TFT you have listed does not apperar in the Philips catalogue. All their 17" monitors start 170....

A check shows that Viewsonic make a model VE710B and this has a resonse time of 25ms.

If your kids are even semi serious gamers playing the latest 3D games then they will quickly be telling you that the monitor does not keep up well with these fast moving games. You need a respose time of 16ms or less to do this.

I would look to have a different TFT - go for a iiyama 431S - top of the PCA chart and at last actually becoming available.

  bremner 00:08 30 Oct 2004

I apologise over my total inability to spell RESPONSE properly - on two occasions - in the above post.

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