solor panels affecting broadband

  sneaky4343 11:35 07 Dec 2011

i not sure if this the right place come to but my broadband seems to have low download speeds since solor panels have been put up in our street i was woundering if that would be affecting it and if theres any possible help on tips to stop the interference

  The Kestrel 12:18 07 Dec 2011

I don't think solar panels will affect your broadband speed. I have recently had solar panels fitted on my roof and there has been no change in my broadband speed.

  sneaky4343 12:42 07 Dec 2011

i understand what u saying i thought it a bit odd myself but according to bt openreach there several people on our street reporting the same problem where there broadband keeps cutting out and downloads speeds dropping below 0.3mb somtimes

  Rob Gibson 13:07 07 Dec 2011


Could be a noisy inverter associated with the panels. Take a walk past the house in question with a portable radio tuned to a clear spot on the MW band. See if the background noise comes up as you get closer.

BT does have a team that deals with RFI/EMC issues, so that may be an option if you think it's interference causing your problem.

Broadband lines can be affected by all sorts of external interference, faulty SM power supplies being a favourite.

In a previous life one of my jobs was to carry out BB interference investigations.

Retired now!


  sneaky4343 13:20 07 Dec 2011

yer there is i just did what you said and there is a lot of noise as i got closer what can resolve this issue do you think

  wee eddie 13:55 07 Dec 2011

Contact the House Holder.

It is illegal to run any Electronic Equipment that interferes with the Radio Spectrum

  Rob Gibson 14:40 07 Dec 2011


I wouldn't approach the householder directly yet.

Report your poor BB speed to your ISP, and state you suspect that it is an interference problem caused by a newly installed solar panel array nearby.

This should eventually filter through to the appropriate BT team who can then verify the problem and take it up with the equipment owner. I can't tell you exactly what processes BT operates in this respect now as it is nearly five years since I was involved.

I'm assuming that you have no line fault present as a poorly balanced line can allow interference in.

In addition, if you are getting interference to radio reception at home you can refer the matter to the BBC - used to be Ofcom, but I think they've changed the way they do things now.

Hope that helps.


  sneaky4343 17:06 07 Dec 2011

we,ve had bt out to put in new filter, phone box, you name it they done it but it still the same as far as contacting the house owner. its council property. also the ISP saying its not a fault of there,s as they have done several tests. just a quick question if it turned out to be the solor panels would optic fibre broadband help to solve the issue as its glass and not copper?

  Rob Gibson 17:22 07 Dec 2011

Has the line been tested and found to be fault free?

What was your line (sync) speed before, and what is it now? Note - line speed, not download speed.

If it is significantly slower than before then something has changed. The question is what?

OF would probably solve the issue, but it's not going to be an option.

  sneaky4343 17:31 07 Dec 2011

i not sure what the line speed is i dont know how test it as not sure how to find line speed only download and i would'nt know what it was before.when you say OP is going to be an option. how do you mean?

  sneaky4343 17:34 07 Dec 2011

OF rather?

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