Software Piracy + XP

  Djohn 23:11 02 Mar 2003

click here just been having a look on the Register site, and saw this info. Thought it would make an interesting read!

  powerless 23:35 02 Mar 2003

"So why is Microsoft collecting this data?"

Good question.

  Andsome 09:09 03 Mar 2003

As if Bill Gates does not make enough money

  €dstow 09:24 03 Mar 2003

"So why is Microsoft collecting this data?"

Has anyone thought to ask Microsoft?

Like so many of these scaremonger things, there is seldom an indication or evidence that the perpetrators of the scare have even considered asking who or what they consider the guilty party what their motives are.

My non-conspiracy theory is that Microsoft are collecting the information about people's software so that they can incorporate it into a new version of Windows in the same way that they have "borrowed" the new XP disk defragmenter, the essential parts of Roxio CD burning software and so on.

But then again, it could be that Bill Gates has little else to do with his time and gets some sort of weird pleasure from poking into other peoples private lives - I don't think so.

We had an unofficial motto at medical school - "If in doubt, ask". It's a pity that more of that isn't done before these panic mongering statements are made in the press.


  Elrond 10:35 03 Mar 2003

How could they tell that any software on some1's pc was a copy. Surely the info sent back will list the software names, not a message from the software saying "Please help i've been installed on more than one computer" Technically they'd have to go thru every1's software then contact all the software amkers and check who owns that software. BIG JOB, NO!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:38 03 Mar 2003

As €dstow wrote, the thought of Microsoft checking up on people is totally bonkers and ludicrous. They have better things to do with their resources rather than act as Big Brother employing legions of drones to eyeball a bunch of totally dull computers. If your software (esp. Microsofts') is legit then there will be no need to worry.

I have a feeling that if they find that some of the registration numbers are from Crackz or warez sites then I think an eyebrow or 2 may be raised.


  Andÿ 13:56 03 Mar 2003

I don't see the Piracy connection?????

If MS are gathering any info surely it's market research type stuff???? Why would they care about other software developers software on your machine other than to keep an eye on the competition? They are hardly likely to care about their rivals loosing sales to pirates and we know/knew they checked for their own software so it can be updated, that is what Windows Update is for.

I understand people being concerned about their privacy and may not want Microsoft gathering any data but what has this to do with piracy?

  TechMad 14:13 03 Mar 2003

How does Microsoft tell if XP activated products are legal or not. From my understanding a unique code is generated from the software and hardware. Therefore if the software is installed on new hardware a completely different code is made.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:21 03 Mar 2003

If they are collecting info about software it does not take a leap of imagination or technology to realise that any MS software keys can be checked as they issue them.

However this already happens with XP keys and as Bill gates stated at Atlanta one of the main functions of XP will be to reduce piracy by having a stable, integrated programme verification system which would be able to deny access or report unauthorised usage. Checking other XP software keys would help reduce piracy of MS software...............oops! they are already doing this, 'Because Windows Update also will be checking keys after October 2nd, Microsoft can deny access to updates even if SP1 has been successfully installed on a system whose key is subsequently found to be hacked' here warez boys in the Far East must be gnashing and wailing as I type.


  Djohn 16:20 03 Mar 2003

As some of you will know, approximately two weeks back I upgraded to winXP Pro. This has service pack 1 on the disk.

The install was faultless, all hardware/software, and drivers where recognised, and everything worked fine. I then started the install of my Office suite and was informed by the O/S that the program was not recognised! The install stopped and refused to go any further.

On phoning M/S, they told me that unfortunately the Product key code was not an authorised one, and I would need to purchase a legal copy.

I have explained in another thread, how I came to be in possession of this program, I paid the full price, and had no reason to be suspicious. The shop concerned ceased to trade some two years back.

I destroyed the disk and purchased M/S Office suite 2003, this will enable me to carry on with the work I do, until I find that it's necessary to buy Office XP.

Although this took me by complete surprise, and cost me extra money that I had not budgeted for, I still have no sympathy at all for the people who knowingly obtain and use Pirate software.

  Gaz 25 17:02 03 Mar 2003

What else.

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