Software internet accelerators

  allang 14:35 04 Feb 2004

Please can anyone supply any info on software internet accelerators.I can't justify spending on broadband as I don't spend a great deal of time on the internet.Searching on Google shows 100's of products,but do they do what they say? Do they increase download speeds,reduce download times etc? If they do/don't work,can anyone recommend/ give advice (good & bad) on particular products? Many thanx.

  [email protected] 15:42 04 Feb 2004

instead of waiting for your screen to load up when you are online it is 10 times quicker by normal broadband. Yes you do download a lot speedier. just imagine downloading win XP updates from scratch. time taken with low speed usually takes 24+ hours. download with broadband & you usually finish everything including restarts in about 1.something hour singular
I use click here as my ISP but others do much similar but this subject is in the archives of PCA simply search & all the info is there for you

  JerryJay 16:46 04 Feb 2004

In my opion, software accelerators are just con/waste of money. Noting can escape physics! Basically, you can not get much data pass thorugh with a 56K modem. Broadband is not as expensive as you think if you do not require top of range product. for example 3x broad(mid)band only cost £15.99 a month (12 months contract) with Tiscali click here, free modem and free setup.
If you want a monthly contract account, better to get plusnet one which is also £15.99 including modem but with £30 setup charge click here.
How much you pay for your dial ip, £12.99? With broadband, you can use internet and phone at the same time. You can go pay as you go route which cost just £10+vat a month for a full broadband if you do not download over 200MB a month. click here

  961 17:07 04 Feb 2004

My experience is limited to Download Accelerator

I find it useful in that if you lose the connection it will in most cases resume where you left off. I downloaded a programme of over 100Mb a bit at a time over several days and it worked fine. It may also increase downloading speeds by opening more than one connection but not, I suggest, by more than about 10%

The downside is the adverts that place data miners on your system. However, if you load Lavasoft and Spywareblaster you can clear them off after you have finished and don't let the programme load at startup

On the basis that it is free it is useful to me

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:21 04 Feb 2004

Internet accelerators do not work. They merely cache pages that they think you may be likely to go They also have the adverse effect of loading up space grabbing files, which would errrrrrrrmmm, slow down your surfing.

Download accelerators work OK but do not expect eye-watering download speed increases. They are good for continuing from a cut-off though. Download Accelerator is excellent, free and you have no need to worry about data miners as they will cause you no problems........the developers have to pay for the programme somehow, so leave the miners on for a fortnight or so.


  Stuartli 17:25 04 Feb 2004

I've posted this registry tweak method before, which can speed up Internet Explorer's page downloads and which is most likely what so called Internet accelerators do, but for a cost - here it is again (it works with dialup and ADSL):

click here

For software etc downloads I use FreshDownload, which is free and also free of adverts:

click here

  Stuartli 17:26 04 Feb 2004

This was the thread on the same subject:

click here

  961 19:18 04 Feb 2004



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