Softexpress 80% discount on software?

  hugeb 08:02 21 Feb 2005

I was looking for MS Office last night and I came across this website selling software at 80% discount. MS Office 2003 pro for $69.95
Can this be ok? or is there a catch.
You download the software so there is no disk, packaging etc.
whats the catch?
click here

  961 09:39 21 Feb 2005

If it seems too good to be true...........

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:28 21 Feb 2005
  Belatucadrus 11:25 21 Feb 2005

Another one where they want you to enter your credit card details on an unsecured page, would not touch with proverbial barge pole, not now, not ever.

  hugeb 13:26 21 Feb 2005

Thanks guys
You have confirmed my suspicions....was too good to be true.
Looks like its going to have to be full price.
Anyone know who does the best deals in MS Office..Legitimately?

  961 15:53 21 Feb 2005

Anybody in the family able to qualify for student edition?

  Meng 16:09 21 Feb 2005

Or anyone who works for the NHS?
All NHS staff can qualify for free MS products and all you pay for is the adminstrative charge and postage which costs around £17

  waamo 20:49 21 Feb 2005

Meng have you got a clicky to any more information about that? I've searched the MS site and I can only find about educational discounts, nothing about NHS staff discounts.

  Meng 09:14 22 Feb 2005

This is a little known fact. Not sure why this is not publicised by MS and the NHS.

But if you work for the NHS, ask your PCT about the the microsoft deal. They must register with MS to allow employees to be offered this deal. If they haven't already registered with MS about this deal, speak to your IT department - they should know about it. You will be given a password and you would need to get into the microsoft site using your NHS email to buy your MS products.

I got my MS Office professional for a princely price of £17.61 delivered to my door 2 weeks after I registered.

The only condition is :
'Please note that this is only open to NHS employees, if you leave the NHS you must ensure that you remove the software from your PC at home and return the software to the PCT. You are not permitted to pass this offer onto friends or family that are not employed by the PCT or Practice you work in.'

  Meng 09:37 22 Feb 2005


Found the link. Have a look at this:
click here

  waamo 10:14 22 Feb 2005

Many thanks

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