Socket 939 motherboards- where and what to buy?

  Solgoth 03:31 20 Aug 2007

I'm having a lot of problems with my Asus A8N-E motherboard. My PC is currently unusable and I've been having problems with it for several months since the chipset fan failed (it's had replacement fans which helped for a while but it keeps developing new problems).

As such, I might have to eventually give in and buy a new board. I spent the whole day researching the very sparse selection of socket 939 motherboards still for sale in the UK. I've come to the conclusion that they are generally 1)rare 2) weak in specifications OR incredibly expensive 3) made by Asus/Asrock, who don't deserve my money for their terrible customer support and 4) generally a lot worse value than they were a year ago when I built my PC.

Can anyone recommend a socket 939 motherboard which is not Asus or Asrock, has ideally an nforce 4 ultra or nforce ultra chipset, or at least an nvidia chipset, 4 sata 2 connectors, and doesn't cost a lot of money (£70 maximum), and is available in the UK?

  ICF 07:57 20 Aug 2007

Only one at ebuyer if you don't want Asus click here

  harps1h 08:27 20 Aug 2007
  jimv7 13:14 20 Aug 2007

Why not take this opportunity to upgrade, am2 motherboards, cpu's and ram are reasonably cheap now.

  Solgoth 21:07 20 Aug 2007

Thanks for the links everyone. I saw the Asrock and foxconn already, unfortunately, it turns out Asrock are a budget subsiduary of Asus. The foxconn has good spec, but I'm staying away from foxconn because of some stuff I heard about them.

Any other suggestions? There's plenty Abit and MSI boards that use the right chipset, but nowhere seems to sell them.

I don't want to upgrade processor yet because I'm short on cash and I've not owned my pc and processor for long at all (just under a year and a half).I have other priorities, such as more storage space. If I could get another motherboard and processor for less than the price of a socket 939 motherboard I might consider it, but that's very unlikely.

  Totally-braindead 22:02 20 Aug 2007

Only one I could find that wasn't Asrock or Asus click here due in tommorrow.

  Totally-braindead 22:03 20 Aug 2007

Found another click here

  jimv7 17:49 21 Aug 2007
  Solgoth 17:52 21 Aug 2007

Hey thanks very much for that last one, 'Totally-braindead'! I went ahead and ordered the abit KN8 ultra motherboard - that was one of the ones I was looking for as it seems to have virtually identical spec to the Asus A8N-E. I spent sooo long looking for motherboards like that using google, froogle, and looking through all the major shops, including scan, don't know how I managed to miss that one.

I really hope this fixes my problem or that'll be an annoying waste of money. It doesn't make me feel better that some people have some problems with the KN8 ultra! But again, thanks for ending my painful search for an nforce ultra motherboard.

Ironically, I think when I was buying a motherboard, the KN8 ultra was actually the other board I was considering getting, only I went for the more popular Asus board.

  Solgoth 00:01 24 Aug 2007

I thought it was too good to be true that there was a solution to my motherboard buying dilemmas.

The order of the Abit KN8 ultra as linked to above from scan went through ok at first. They took payment, and said they'd deliver it by Wednesday (yesterday). I got a message from them yesterday saying that there was an unexpected delay because of the warehouse stock flow, or something, which apparently happens a lot with scan.

But today? They told me they no longer have this board in stock, it's discontinued, and they can't get me one.

So, back to square one, basically. Complete waste of my time, it's very annoying that they were advertising it as in stock when it's not.

The problem with the commonly available MSI NEO-4 F motherboard is that it is nforce 4 rather than nforce 4 ultra, and doesn't have SATA 2.

  jimv7 08:20 24 Aug 2007

Check out my link above.

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