So what's the best tv/pvr card for my computer?

  fatviking 17:50 15 Nov 2006

Hi all, simple question really, what's the best tv (for viewing), pvr (for recording) card for me comp? I'm running xp pro (sp2), got a AMD64 3000+ cpu, and a gig of memory. Space is no problem, and I'm viewing on a 19" tft widescreen. If we could keep the costs down in reality this would be appreciated. Ta

  Stuartli 18:46 15 Nov 2006

My Twinhan DTV-ter Digital+Analogue PCI TV card (model 3054) dropped to around £25 (I paid just over £50), but seems to have been discontinued and replaced with the 3056.

click here

The main difference is that it seems to lack the input facilities to watch and record from a VCR, games console etc.

The Twinhan software has all the PVR facilities and you can record one channel while watching another if they are on the same MUX, plus Pause and Resume if someone knocks at the door or the phone rings.

Amazon is still selling the 3054 but it's not cheap...:-(

  fatviking 21:03 15 Nov 2006

yes, but what's the quality?

  Stuartli 21:40 15 Nov 2006

First class, both display and sound...:-)

Watching Sky News at present in a small window top right of screen - if I want to watch a particular item one click brings it to full screen.

Remember a monitor provides an non-interlaced display and far superior picture quality to a TV set.

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