So what would you advise on been a good Editing Software.

  Ex plorer 12:01 24 Sep 2013

Hi all so which one is best for photo editing today.

I have Paint shop pro 8, Elements 6, and free be-Gimp.

I have looked at a review in PCA just over a year ago but what would be a further improvement these days for photo editing free or around £60.00.

  lotvic 17:07 24 Sep 2013

I'm still using Paint Shop Pro 7 (Aniv edition) so will watch this thread with interest. I do have other free progs on pc but keep going back to using PSP7, prob because I am more familiar with it.

  hastelloy 19:41 24 Sep 2013

You can get Photoshop Elements 11 from Amazon for £60.99 and earlier version for less.

  hssutton 20:49 24 Sep 2013

A few months ago Adobe allowed Photoshop CS2 to be download for free. Actually it was a slip up on their part, but it's still available, obviously without any further updates or support. You do however have to register with adobe, but that's a simple procedure, you are then able to download the program. I'm actually a CS6 user, b ut have just downloaded and checked out CS2 on my daughters PC and yes the download is still available.

An excellent photo editor well worth the download. Photoshop CS2 download

  hssutton 21:56 24 Sep 2013

Have just remembered you have a Canon camera,so why not use their software, it's very good. However CS2 is far better.

  Ex plorer 09:36 25 Sep 2013

Thanks all I will down load CS2 thanks for that, and yes I do find Canon own software very good, as well as PSP 8.

I found Elements 6 difficult and purchased a book on how to use the program on good interviews but still struggled a little.

  hssutton 13:56 25 Sep 2013

Photoshop is the best, but not the easiest photo editor to use, but it's really worth getting to grips with. If you find that you want to proceed and learn Photoshop email me your address and I will send you my copy of Deke McClelland's Adobe Photoshop CS2 'One to One' plus his 'One to One' DVD. This is an excellent book, but as I use CS6 it's now of little use to me

  wescliff 22:15 05 Oct 2013

Been using Lightroom for some years and rarely need anything else. And it's not that expensive.

But I would take hssutton's advice and go for CS2 (if you don't mind the learning curve). McClelland's book would help as the chap has quite a sense of humour, as does another regular Photoshop author - Scott Kelby.

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