So many variations on same "model"

  grumpy-git 17:46 27 Jan 2008

This seems to apply to more than one manufacturer.

Have you noticed if you look at a particular laptop from one retail outlet, and then look for the same model from a different outlet - the letters after the model number are slightly different, or the specifications aren't quite the same.

Not being a frequent computer buyer, I've only really noticed this since buying the HP 9605ea, which only seemed to be sold by Currys PC World etc.

Do big shop chains ask a manufacturer for their own version or do the manufacturers offer the slightly different models to different outlets?

Just curious.


  spuds 18:02 27 Jan 2008

The slight model number change, or slight cosmetic change is due to tracing the item back to the retailer. As you rightly state, the DSG group do this. Check for instance some of the printer model numbers ;o)

  al7478 19:16 27 Jan 2008

This happens a lot with tellys too. You can find the same one in diferent places and and if its, say, John Lewis, it has a diferent code to distinguish it from the many other shops who are selling it MUCH more cheaply, but without the "free" 5 year warranty JL provide. I'm sure spuds is right too, but sometimes thats the reason.

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