So easy to switch ISPs

  cj-57 20:48 10 Mar 2010

I put up with really poor broadband performance for ages thinking switching ISPs would be a pain, but it ended up being so easy. MAC code within 4 days from AOL, up and running with BT within 4 days of ordering over the phone - delivering more than twice the line speed and at half the price for the first 18 months. OK I had a few e-mail changes to advise, but that's a one off and I get the better performance day in day out. I'm not a 'techie' person so would recommend anyone who would really like to change to get on and do it.

  MAJ 21:21 10 Mar 2010

Yes, cj-57, it's real easy to change in most cases, although 4 days to get your MAC is real slow.

  interzone55 10:27 11 Mar 2010

Most ISPs will give you the MAC immediately, so AOL are a bit slow there.

I've changed ISP so often in the past that I stopped using ISP provided email long ago.
I've been using Google's email service since the early beta stage (so early in fact that I managed to get my own name as an email address), so now I can change ISP without changing email address...

  Covergirl 12:21 11 Mar 2010

. . . . you've moved to BT and managed to get a deal half the price of AOL. And for 18 months ?

Comparable packages with each work out at cheaper for AOL - BT = £27.24 AOL = £21.24. That's for the lowest package - 10GB allowance, free weekend calls and line rental.

I've never heard of 18 months at half price (usually just the first 3 months).

Check what you're getting and let us know the package you have signed up for - I'd be interested if it's cheap - thanks

  ronalddonald 12:23 11 Mar 2010

have always been slow even though the weer the most advertised internet provider when they use to offer the software cd free from most retailers

  Covergirl 12:24 11 Mar 2010

. . . . this may be a BT spam post . . . but I'll wait and see what cj comes back with.

I mean, whoever heard of BT actually being cheaper than anybody else ?

  ventanas 12:43 11 Mar 2010

I think it might be, anyone who thinks they've got a cheaper deal from BT must be on another planet.
I'm in the processing of leaving them, both for BB and phone. Getting the same deal elsewhere for £15 a month less.
And I don't think much of their service either.

  hugh144 16:45 11 Mar 2010

Regarding BT - I've been with Orange for a long time and paying almost £20 pm - maximum 2 megs. BT have written to me offering a fixed £9.99 pm for 18 months. Offer ends on 31st March - available by invitation only.

  cj-57 16:52 11 Mar 2010

They send me a little Reward Card through the mail, rang 0800 345 7424 and quoted B799. I've got written confirmation so I'm comfortable I'm getting what I expected for the price I'm paying. It's only Broadband Option 1 (normally arounf £16)but more than adequate for my use and as near as dammit comparable with my AOL Silver.

Ventanas, you are entitled to your opinion but I know exactly what I've got and where I live!!

  Covergirl 19:18 11 Mar 2010

Good offer - if you can hack the 10GB allowance.

I perused BTs Talk Surf & Watch deal earlier - price looks horrendous after month 3 and I don't think you'd get much watched in 10GB - an hours worth of iPlayer is round about 650MB.

Well done again ! May many others benefit from this offer.

  cj-57 20:28 11 Mar 2010

Thanks Covergirl. Do most of most of my viewing via normal TV with just the odd catch up on iPlayer so 10gb shouldn't be a problem.

Really just intended to let people like myself who had worried about switching know it was painless.

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