Smartphone VS New Broadband Dongle

  finlay.mitchel 17:32 28 Feb 2008

Can anybody tell me the speed of the new broadband dongles by Vodaphone,3 and some other cellphone networks?

I want to know how this fairs versus the 3G smartphones which claim to be able to deliver broadband.

For example, my Nokia 6630 :-

Device= Standard 33600 bps modem

  finlay.mitchel 18:06 29 Feb 2008

vodafone's new Modem Stick (7.2Mbps) is twice as fast as their previous USB modem (3.6Mbps)

But what I really wanted to know was if there was a good service provider offering internet through smartphones at a competitive price.

I feel like I'm being led up the garden path paying for hardware and speeds that I don't need. Short of video who needs 20Gbps?

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