Smart phone coverage?

  knockin on 13:00 17 Jan 2010

I need advice about global access please.
Which company do I choose to have my contract with?
I am holidaying in Tailand, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore over the next couple of months, and would like to be able to access the net, emails etc.with the new device.
I will almost certainly choose the HTC Touch HD2 model and see possible deals with O2, Virgin, T Mobile etc.
How can I ensure the one I choose will connect in all these areas?
Any help will be greatly appreciated.
P.S. I am quite a novice with these devices, I am still on my 1st £10.00 pay-as-you go Nokia, bought in 19 hundred and frozen to death

  Woolwell 14:08 17 Jan 2010

Be prepared to find it expensive. Before you start you should read the cost of connecting overseas These are the O2 charges click here
A Quad band phone should automatically find the most appropriate mobile network in the country you are visiting. Personally I wouldn't consider using it for internet but instead use internet cafes and hotel wi-fi/internet.

  bremner 15:09 17 Jan 2010

Data charges by all the providers are very expensive - on O2 £3 per MB. I accessed my email account three times in a week whilst in Spain and it cost me over £10.

This is not included in the "unlimited data" contract as that only applies in the UK.

  Ventad 15:35 17 Jan 2010

When my wife and I go to australia (I know it is for a month) we get an aussie sim card each plus a
starters pack. which gives free texts and phone calls up to a certain amount (quite generous) as it used to cost 50p to text uk and a lot dearer to text each other. last year it worked out to be £16.50 for sim and calls prepaid. We never used the quota even though we were in contact with UK and relations in Aussie.

  Ventad 15:42 17 Jan 2010

Meant to say we use O2 normally, and we have quite a few relations in aussie.

  knockin on 16:17 17 Jan 2010

I may need to look again at this idea.
I thought I had seen a deal with this phone which said something like 30p a day for overseas net access charged only on days when you access the net.
Now I feel this may not be right - or maybe not the whole story.
Thank you all for your observations. I will do some more homework.

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