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Smart meter, gas & electric, instal query

  iscanut 15:44 13 Nov 2017

I keep getting letters suggesting that I should have one installed but have not succumbed so far. I can understand how one for electric supply can be connected to my electric meter which is indoors but my gas meter is a long way away on the outside of the house so I do not understand how this would be connected to the same smart meter as electric supply, Can anyone enlighten me as I am curious, thanks.

  Pine Man 07:54 15 Nov 2017

Does that mean I have two separate smart meters but one monitor that reads them both.


  zray 09:00 15 Nov 2017

You are correct. The gas and electric meters communicate using a low power radio signal to a communications hub that in turn connects to the mobile phone system and to your Energy Supplier. An In Home Display/Monitor also connects to the communications hub/meters to access your consumption data. There are two versions of smart metering systems. First generation - these have been around for 3 years and are connected to your Supplier via individual systems. Second generation - these are about to be launched, probably early 2018, which connect via a new National Smart Metering infrastructure designed to connect to every home in the GB. The Government hopes that the First Generation meters will eventually also be connected into the National System.

  iscanut 13:14 15 Nov 2017

Thank you all for the info. I am still not convinced that I need these so will do nothing further.

  wee eddie 18:16 16 Nov 2017

The next generation of Meters might sway me, but there are so many doubts about the current model that I shall hold off for now

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