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Smart meter, gas & electric, instal query

  iscanut 15:44 13 Nov 2017

I keep getting letters suggesting that I should have one installed but have not succumbed so far. I can understand how one for electric supply can be connected to my electric meter which is indoors but my gas meter is a long way away on the outside of the house so I do not understand how this would be connected to the same smart meter as electric supply, Can anyone enlighten me as I am curious, thanks.

  wee eddie 16:54 13 Nov 2017

Don't bother until you're forced to

  compumac 17:10 13 Nov 2017

Who is suggesting these meters, your service provider or A N Other?

  iscanut 05:18 14 Nov 2017

Service provider. I have no intention of having one installed, just curious as to how they are set up.

  john bunyan 07:33 14 Nov 2017

I believe that company A’s smart meter may not work if you change to company B. Until they work with any supplier it seems to be a ruse to retain customers

  wee eddie 08:47 14 Nov 2017

As far as I know, the Meters need an adjacent Power Supply

  compumac 09:37 14 Nov 2017

I have had smart METERs for gas and electric since 2011 and recently had them replaced with the latest versions, which entailed changing the existing Smart METERS.

I think that you are confusing a Smart METER MONITOR with the Smart METER itself. The Smart Meter REPLACES the existing gas/electric meter. The Smart Meter Monitor is a remote unit that reads the figures from the smart METER

  Pine Man 10:35 14 Nov 2017

Like compumac I have had Smart Meters for some time now.

They rely on a mobile phone signal and in my case that was Vodaphone. The Monitor isn't much use but shows what you are using so, in theory, if you think that boiling a kettle for your tea is too expensive, for example, you now have two options........take it or leave it;-)

They do use a bit of electricity but it works out at an insignificant amount and I have had no problems at all.

  Pine Man 12:15 14 Nov 2017

I believe that company A’s smart meter may not work if you change to company B

Depends which version of Smart Meter you have but it doesn't really matter because the only bit that won't work is the device that transmits the readings. They can still be read manually as they always have been.

  seahermit 14:16 14 Nov 2017

This is not a technically-informed comment but even so ... everything I have heard and read so far tells me to refuse a smart meter for as long as possible. I gather that after rollout began, there were so many problems that the Government re-introduced the option for householders to refuse the offer of a smart meter. a proportion of customers were reporting massive hikes in bills, meters not working at all etc.

Part of the problem seems to be whether the meter can properly connect to the system by getting a wireless signal. And yes people have had issues after transferring their energy to a different supplier.

I suspect that, because thorough testing prior to introducing the smart meters costs money and could take ages, the energy companies introduce the meters anyway ... and then start improving things after the complaints start rolling in!

  iscanut 21:43 14 Nov 2017

Sorry to appear thick but how would the gas meter on the outside of the house be converted to a smart meter. Does that mean I have two separate smart meters but one monitor that reads them both.

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