SLR digital camera has 35mm format

  Wilham 14:56 11 May 2005

Retailers (and unfortunately, reviewers) are usually coy about slr sensor sizes, and I may be among the last to find out that a Canon digital SLR with 24x36mm sensor is on the market in the UK.

click here

The sensor size is related to the camera price,- higher than most of us would pay. But it sets a new standard, and hopefully competition will bring down the cost.

  Stuartli 15:34 11 May 2005

I've mentioned the fact before in a discussion about digital camera sensors' coverage compared to 35mm film and that Canon was expecting to be the first with a digital equivalent.

Makes more sense if you use existing 35mm film lenses on a digital camera body.

  Mr Mistoffelees 16:09 11 May 2005

A tad over-specified for most of us perhaps, not to mention expensive!

  anchor 17:24 11 May 2005

Expensive is`nt the word at £4053.74 inc VAT.

It will have to come down an awful lot to be within most peoples budget. I suspect this will be a pro-only camera for some years to come.

  Wilham 17:25 11 May 2005

24x36mm in the 1960's didn't satisfy top professionals, so Hasselblad, Bronika, and others produced 60x60 SLR's,...they're still used.

Perhaps next along will be 60x60mm SLR digital cameras?

  €dstowe 20:50 11 May 2005

We still use Hasselblads and, occasionally, 5" x 4" sheet film cameras. For general work it's 35mm Ektachrome (also used for large format work).

I've not had any experience of this new Canon so I can't comment on its performance but, even if it's equivalent to a film camera,large of small format, it will have to do a huge, huge amount of work before its cost can be justified. Yes, Hasselblads can cost about the same as the Canon but that price is for the luxury version. Our models cost about £900 a number of years ago.

  €dstowe 20:53 11 May 2005

Part of my post disappeared.

Second sentence should read:

For general work it's 35mm Pentax or Minolta with Ektachrome etc.

Thats the mark 1 camera, there is a 1DS mark 2 which is full frame and is 16.7 megapixels. It sells for about £6k.

Kodak also have two full frame DSLRs in their range at around 14MP and a similar price.

  Wilham 22:29 11 May 2005

Have you noticed there's no mention at all in the link about the lens supplied with this Canon £4k camera?... Most unusual.

I look forward to the day I can buy just the 23.8x35.8mm sensor, it will fit nicely in my 35mm Spotmatic. There's also room for SD card reader, plus circuit board, batteries and so on,- once I've removed the spools and wind-on gear.

Ah well...

  Charence 23:18 11 May 2005

Unusual? Not sure if you've realised this or not but I'm quite sure the price is for body only!

  Wilham 08:39 12 May 2005

Charance,-possibly. But it is priced and illustrated as a camera and not camera body.

I'm curious because I wonder if the usual zoom lens would match camera potential.

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