Slow Tiscali broadband

  Bike-it 00:53 04 Aug 2005

Hi all i recently changed my broadband speed from 256 kbps to 1 mb, but nothing has changed, i have done a few speed tests and am getting readings from 246 kbps to 247.4 kbps, i have contacted Tiscali and they tell me to make sure that the phone line extension cable going to the modem is shorter than 10 meters, its only three meters, and that all the filters have to be fitted which they are. I also ran a scan for spyware and it detected two items which have been deleated but is does mot improve the speed any ideas as i am beat on this one, only a suggestion would going wireless help in any way?

  Stuartli 09:25 04 Aug 2005

If your telephone extension cable run is only three metres you can use a proper ADSL data cable from the phone socket instead (the splitter should have both a phone and RJ11/45 outlet, use the latter).

If you currently use the telephone extension cable plus a short final ADSL cable, then buy a 10 metre ADSL data cable for a continuous link to the phone socket. My 10m ADSL cable only cost £7.49.

  Chegs ® 02:57 06 Aug 2005

Those figures do look slow,I have 2Mb Tiscali,its nowhere near 2Mbs(various speedtests)even in the very early hours(which was when my Pipex connection ran acceptably)I'm happy with the connection,and was told its poor performance was likely caused by the distance from the exchange(although you can see the exchange when standing on my roof)

  Chegs ® 13:59 06 Aug 2005

Hi Sean,please dont use the email facility to contact me.

I use an ADSL Modem/Router,so I'm online as soon as the PC boots.

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