Slide scanners required for heavy duty project.

  awebberuk 16:45 01 Sep 2006

My grandparents have thousands of old slides that they want to convert to CD/DVD. A local company has quoted a ridiculous figure to do this, so I have decided to it myself.
Can anyone recommend a high quality slide scanner?


Tony Webber

  ventanas 16:56 01 Sep 2006

You did say high quality, try one of these click here

But it will take you ages if there are thousand.

Might be worth reconsidering.

  pj123 10:46 02 Sep 2006

I am very happy with my Epson 3170 scanner, does documents, film and slides. Now been superceded by the Epson 3490.

click here

  Wilham 21:10 02 Sep 2006

I have a Canon Lide 80. It is v good for A4 but the slide attachment I found far too fiddly. So for my 35mm and APS film I bought a Dimage Scan Dual IV, which is distributed by Konica Minolta.

Advantage for me is the autofeed. Scanning at any resolution needs patience, - I set it up to scan a succession of frames, and walk away,...bliss. I paid about £250 new, perhaps the APS carrier was on top of that.

Properties include 3200dpi, batch feed, 16b A/D,and USB2. Includes 'grain dissolver' and 'pixel polish' in linked S/W.

In some parts of UK it may be possible to hire a dedicated film scanner. Worth considering when the machine is likely to be idle once an old hoard of negatives and tranparances has been scanned.

  €dstowe 07:51 03 Sep 2006

The "ridiculous figure" you have been quoted for having this done professionally is most likely due to it being very labour intensive. Even high quality scanners such as given in the ventanas link are all hand operated so it's going to take a long time to feed thousands through.

If you do want high quality in the end result and if you "go it alone" that you get a dedicated film and slide scanner. Flatbed scanners with converters for slides will never qive as high a quality as a film/transparency scanner designed specifically for that job.

  bfoc 09:34 03 Sep 2006

Also be worth considering getting a scanner with automatic dust/scratch removal.

If the slides are old they may have such 'blemishes' and if it takes a while to scan them, even with an autofeed, it can take a lot longer to get them ready for viewing/printing.

My Minolta Dimage Scan Dual II doesn't have this and whilst Photoshop etc can do this 'automatically' I don't find it works as well as some scanners that have 'dedicated' software.

I think that this may be one area where you get what you pay for!

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