Skype - Some very poor service!

  DavidT1 09:19 01 Nov 2008

I have spent nearly 2 weeks struggling with Skype Support.

My issue has been ignored constantly and am getting those 'cut and paste' type responses that doesn't address the issue.

When I raised the issue in the Skype Forums - being negative towards support since I hadn't have any for 11 days...

see here: click here

(unless they delete, since I had my posts all moved around so I couldn't respond and have been blocked and unable to even reply!) If deleted, I will upload a copy I have elsewhere.

So what does one do? How do you get service when the issues you raise are constantly and completely ignored?

  spuds 11:26 01 Nov 2008

Having a quick read from your link, it would appear to me that you are going around in circles and trying to place all the blame on Skype. When in actual fact it looks like a payment issue, that you cannot or will not resolve.

  DavidT1 13:28 01 Nov 2008

It had nothing at all to do with payment

Now resolved... Skype Support had told me to reactivate the subscription and I was unable to access any such option.

That forum thread is a bit of a mess now - as I had 2 different threads. One specifically about that issue, and another general one asking about Skype Support and the options when support was not addressing the issue.

The post was constantly being move too, so I was unable to repond at times, and then a moderator merged things together, and also provided edited posts of my own.

I only blamed Skype for not providing me an answering... and for it to take so long for someone (11 days all up) to say the subscription taken again and the number recovered that way - just seems a bit unreasonable.

As for payment - I merely wanted to changed method of payment... there were no other issues with this and why I kept getting asked about PayPal I have no idea - I never said this was an issue - just constantly needing to ask how to get the subscription again with the previous SkypeIn number!

Why do people get drawn away from what I ask?

  DavidT1 15:26 01 Nov 2008

I do find it a little irritating that the thread has been edited to not include my posts.

I merely replied to the moderators PMs, apologising for what appeared to be a double-post (different posts entirely though), then following the moderators instructions to keep it in one forum - which he then moved so I ended up with a 2nd post, then moved again - so I was chasing my tail to respond whilst he was PM'ing me saying I would be banned if I didn't reply which I was trying to do whilst he kept moving the posts!

Not to worry - he eventually clicked and gave an solution to my issue - after getting into PayPal, limits etc which were never an issue.

Just be careful, as I followed the Skype Support I was given and it was incorrect - filtered from my Skype forum posts by a moderator that appeared more interested in the fact I had something negative to say, than actually trying to help.

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