SKYPE non use ripoff

  bigboab y 11:13 09 Aug 2008

A couple of years ago ,I opened an account with SKYPE and bought £10 worth of credit.I used it occasionally and brought my credit down to about £7..I havn't used it now for over 18 months.However,I went back on to it the other day only to discover that my credit had disappeared.I wrote to SKYPE and they pointed out that if a SKYPE account is not used in 18 months THEY CANCEL YOUR ACCOUNT AND KEEP THE MONEY!!.They also alleged that they email account holders when the account is due to expire.I have never received an email from them regarding this.Has anyone had this problem?To my mind, this is out and out THEFT!!

  tullie 11:18 09 Aug 2008

What do the terms and conditions say?

  tullie 11:24 09 Aug 2008

Have a look here

click here

  bigboab y 11:28 09 Aug 2008

literally buried away in the terms and conditions there is a line pointing this out.I had'nt noticed this when I signed up with them.What is annoying me is that they didnt notify me of my expiry date approaching.Also, is it legal for them to keep the money?? I dont think so.Its like your local bank closing your account and keeping the money if you dont appear within a certain period of time.

  tullie 12:09 09 Aug 2008

There are thousands of bank accounts lying dormant with money in them.As for skype having your problem buried away,i found it no problem,but then again,who reads terms and conditions?I certainly dont usually.

  Forum Editor 12:57 09 Aug 2008

Yes, it is. They warned you about it when you signed up, and it became a condition of the contract between you and Skype - one that you agreed to at the time.

Please don't refer to something as being theft, when plainly it's nothing of the kind.

  Pamy 14:18 09 Aug 2008

Just some more info

PAYG phones operate the same as Skype, "use every 180 days or loose it"

  bigboab y 15:32 09 Aug 2008

Forum do you figure its not theft?? Surely they should have offered some kind of refund.If they had reminded me say a week before the 180 days (see terms and conditions again),I would have done something about it. Do they just sit quietly and let accounts expire??? I'll try getting some arrangement with SKYPE.Failing that I will write to OFCOM. Thanks for all your replies.

  accord 16:23 09 Aug 2008

its in the T&Cs and its up to you to read them. They are well within their rights not to inform you. I doubt you will have any joy with OFCOm as its in the T&Cs.
I havent used my Skype account for ages and it is more than likley closed now, but then the service I was getting was awful with dropped calls and line noise (im on 5.5meg BB).

Think of it this way, you have lost £7, how much will it cost you trying to claim that back.......

  Forum Editor 16:44 09 Aug 2008

It's not theft because you agreed to it - do you not understand the difference? You were warned that this could happen, and you had the opportunity to say 'no, I'm not prepared to accept that condition, so I'm not signing.' but you didn't, you went ahead.

You'll get nowhere with OFCOM - Skype isn't regulated by them.

  Condom 17:05 09 Aug 2008

Living for much of the time in the far east I always use 0844 numbers for making calls back there. It only costs about 1p per minute to use even when calling a mobile. You can also use 0844 from any phone and it works with a host of countries. You can google 0844 to see the list of countries and the costs for calling landlines and mobiles are clearly shown. You don't have to sign any contracts or buy special phones and I never have any trouble getting through or with bad lines. Try it and see how good it is. The only drawback is having to learn the longer phone numbers.

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