EFC1878 21:32 21 Aug 2006

I have heard a little bit about skype and how it enables you to make internet tellephone calls but would like to know more.

Are the calls free/cheaper? do both parties need to be on skype? how does it work?

Can anybody help me?

  sean-278262 21:35 21 Aug 2006

Computer to landline - cost associated
Computer to mobile - cost associated
Computer to computer - free
Landline to computer - free
Basically if you make a call to a real number it will cost you.

Check their website for the costing.

  DieSse 21:44 21 Aug 2006

Also look at Gizmo - similar but better in some ways click here

  Quiet Life 22:30 21 Aug 2006

Skype is very good and offers video conferencing as well. All your contacts using Skype on their computers show up when on line and one click connects. Land line calls to any country are very cheap. You also can send text messages at cost. Well worth trying it out.

  flycatcher 22:33 21 Aug 2006

I use Skype for UK , US, Canada and South Africa calls. Never had a problem connecting and very cheap if to a telephone free to computer.

  Stuartli 23:47 21 Aug 2006

We use Skype (including a video link) to chat to our daughter in the Caymans - you can also set up a conference session.

However, this often proves frustrating as everyone tries to talk at once at times...:-)

  EFC1878 12:49 22 Aug 2006

We have firends in NZ who mentuoned Skype to us. They use it and we could chat.

I assume that for free calls via computer both would (probably obviously) have to have Skype loaded.

The Sype sites offers a free download.

What else would I need?

  anskyber 13:11 22 Aug 2006

Speakers and microphone. you could have a web cam (with built in mic eg) if you wish to see them as well. There are also "Skype" phones which are like ordinary phones but they plug into say a USB port. Wireless versions are available.

  anskyber 13:12 22 Aug 2006

I should have said a web cam if they wish to see you, and of course vice versa.

  Stuartli 13:42 22 Aug 2006

Both parties have to have Skype installed on their computer systems.

All conversations are encrypted.

Latest versions of Skype have integrated video cam use (previously third party); easiest way to use Skype is with a headset as speakers' output can be picked up by your mike and relayed to the other party.

  DieSse 17:39 22 Aug 2006

If you both have computers, you don't need Skype - you can use MSMessenger, for sound and video conversations, as well as typing instant messages to each other.

Works perfectly well, and no need for any new software at all.

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