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  BigRik 14:36 15 Mar 2006

Hi all.

Does anyone have (or have you ever had) a Sky warranty with a company called Nationwide Digital Satellite Services click here?

I got a letter from them last week and today got a phone call from a lady saying she was from that company. That may be the case, but the phone number she gave me is different to the one on the letter, although she did then give me a number which matched the one on the letter.

The letter seems OK, ie contact address, phone numbers, website address (as above), even their Company Reg number. The website gives contact details also, and it doesn't look a bad site.

We currently have our warranty with Sky themselves, but NDSS ask £59.99 for 14 months cover while Sky ask £75 for 12 months.

So, some opinions required. Do they look OK and if you use them, how's the service?

I'm also wondering how they know our warranty will shortly expire (early May).

Thanks for your time.

  BigRik 15:11 15 Mar 2006

Having just done a little research, the contact address on the website also differs from the letter.

I'm being cautious as in the following link I explained whats happened before, though this time I was given a company name.

click here. My post is 20th, about half way down.

  spuds 17:28 15 Mar 2006

Their company registration (04824718) refers to Nationwide Digital Satellite Services Ltd, Unit 23, Capital Trading Park,Kirkby Bank Road, Kirkby, Liverpool, Merseyside L33 7SY. The company was registered on the 08/07/2003.

Companies House click here record show that the accounts are overdue, but this doesn't mean much at this stage.

  Woolwell 14:22 16 Mar 2006

Be careful. There appears to be company which rings up and states that your sky warranty is due to expire but invariably the phone number and address is different to the company you have the warranty with. I am not sure that this is a scam but having had this happen twice I am suspicious.

  BigRik 15:32 16 Mar 2006

Thanks for your thoughts.

Again, there is a difference. The company registration you posted spuds is different to what's on the letter, although the address is the same.

There are just too many differences here for my liking, in which case I tend to agree with you Woolwell. I'm suspicious too. Nothing seems to tie up, and it is quite a hard sell on the phone as well.

Better to stick with Sky's own I think, just to be safe.

Thanks again.

  kinger 22:48 17 Mar 2006

I am called by a company (could be the same one, not sure) every so often who tell me that I need to take out some cover as my Sky warranty has run out.

The thing is, I updated from a normal Sky box to Sky Plus but they don't seem to know that.

I tell them that I'm still covered by Sky's purchase guarantee.

They ask me when I bought the new system and get upset when I don't tell them.

Someone is supplying them with the info for sure but it's slightly out of date in my case.

  spiller 23:18 21 Mar 2006

My sky has been covered for a year and a half by a company called Satellite Assured Ltd who I really recommend. I paid £110 for a 2year warranty on my sky equipment, i think it's £65 for 1year. Twice i had problems with my sky, once when the box stopped working, and the second time i had to call them out to re-align my dish because i lost the signal. Both times i got an engineer come to sort my problem, they came the next day after i reported the fault and sorted the problem straight away.

A friend of mine took out a cover with nationwide, and when her sky stopped working, it took Nationwide 3weeks to send out an engineer and a further 3 days for them to come after they fixed the box. With Satellite Assured Ltd, as they couldn't fix my box on the day, they replaced it with a new one for me then and there.

Also my sister who doesn't have warranty had to pay sky £185 to fix a problem, so i think a warranty is well worth it.

The no for satellite Assured if you're interested is 08700600250

  Bernard2 17:39 22 Mar 2006

I had a problem with the picture quality when I was with Sky. I called them and they told me there would be a callout charge of £60.00 and I would have to pay for a new set top box if, as was likely, that needed replacing. I told them I was paying them a lot of money each month and was not prepared to pay for every set top box that became faulty, or for any other fault which required an engineer. I changed over to NTL cable. Excellent reception and when a set top box did develop a fault they came the following day and relaced it without charge. Of course, Sky now bombard me with enticements to return to them but there is no chance I will do that under their current charging policies. When there is a choice between Sky and Cable, in my experience the latter is the better option.

  BigRik 18:36 22 Mar 2006

I still haven't renewed the warranty yet as its not due until May, so thanks for the number spiller.

I couldn't cope with just 5 channels for 3 weeks if that happened to me!

And you are certainly right in saying a warranty is worth it. We needed to use it last April as a nearby lightning strike knocked our box out, as well as a few others in the street.

We used to have NTL's TV package, but after a few issues decided to revert back to Sky, but I'm glad it works for you Bernard2. At least you don't lose your picture when the weather's bad!

Thanks again for your comments.

  Bas2001 21:36 15 Apr 2006

Just picked this up whilst doing a search on Sky info because I have a problem at the moment.
Having checked all the equipment, inc the dish,I called out Sky. Engineer due to arrive 2 days later,on a Bank Holiday,and was told cost is £65 inc labour and any parts.Didn't say was any more if box was to be replaced.
See link re Nationwide on Mirror website: "Bull of the Week":-
click here

  BigRik 16:14 16 Apr 2006

Good stuff. Thanks for that. I still haven't done anything yet, but I'm going to give spiller's recommendation a call this week hopefully!

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