Sky TV.Grrrr

  royalflush 21:28 12 Feb 2007

We got Sky some 6 months ago with the "free for 6 months sports or movie package",our six months was up on beggining of febuary,

so my wife called them on the 26 of Jan asking them to cancel the sports package (we choose the sports instead of the movies) my waife was advised by a lady on the phone "To call back after the 6th" as there is nothing they can do until then..omg is this for real...? next thing we got a bill in (this morning) of £70...!!!

so my wife then rememberd to call back as she had forgot but i said i would so i called them tonight (Mon 12th Feb) i asked them why i had such a large bill & the guy at Sky told me that i had been charged for the next months sports package..!!! i told him that my wife had called them back on the 26th & the guy said he would put me on hold & speak to another dept,

he was about 2 mins then he came up with this bizzare excuse "I am sorry we cannot get access to your bill UNTILL you pay the remaining £70..!!!! i found this so bizzare & hard to belive that they dont have access to customers bill unless the bill is upto date... it would of been nice just a phone call to ask us if we wanted to go ahead with the package

  SANTOS7 21:59 12 Feb 2007

Well i have never heard of anything like that from Sky (been a customer for 7 yrs) i have cancelled and reinstated packages over the phone and they have always done exactly what i have asked for instantly, even to the point of arranging any rebate or price diference pending on when the payment was due..

Best advice i can give is phone them again, ask to speak to a team leader or manager and explain exactly what you want to do, i think patience will have to prevail but i do understand your frustrations..

  Forum Editor 00:31 13 Feb 2007

from Speakers Corner.

  mick wilding 14:43 14 Feb 2007

Wait till you decide to cancel your subscription!

I was a customer with Sky since 1992 and decided to end my subscription 4 months ago. When I contacted them on 2nd Oct I was told that my next payment was due on 15th. So I asked for the service to be teminated on 14th Oct, also cancelling the next direct debit payment just in case.

By 20th we were still watching Sky, so I phoned and explained that I was expecting to be discontected on 14th. The operator then went away and returned to tell me that they couldn't cancel subsriptions in advance and if I wanted to cancel I could do so now. Although I argued the point that the previous operator never mentioned this they would not budge. So I cancelled the subscription immediately and thought that would be that.

A couple of days later I received three letters from sky. The first demanding £42.00 plus a handling charge for the DD that I had stopped; the second letter telling me how sorry Sky were that I had cancelled my subcription, and a third THANKING ME for reconsidering and deciding to STAY WITH sky!

Finally after repeated phone calls and further, more threatening letters from Sky regarding this supposed debt I managed to get it sorted. But, I still feel bad about the way I was treated after 15 years with them.

Now I'm with Virgin Media ....

  dth 16:33 14 Feb 2007

It sounds like sky are the new ntl when it comes to customer service

  royalflush 21:54 14 Feb 2007

can anyone tell me the person/s who own Sky...& thanks for your replies also thanks "mick wilding"...for taking the time out

  Little Flower 22:38 14 Feb 2007

Lovely Sky. We're going to be moving soon to a brand new house so checked out what to do about Sky. Their site says (when you search for the info):

"If you’re moving home, all your existing equipment must be taken with you including:

- Your Sky box
- Your viewing card
- Your Sky remote control
- Any SCART leads
- All internal cabling
- tvLINK (if applicable)
- Your Sky Broadband box
- Your wireless adaptor(if applicable)
- All Microfilters
- All internal cabling.

Sky will supply a new dish, LNB and external cabling and fully reconnect your system. However, if there is an existing dish and cable at the property, the engineer may utilise any of the existing equipment. THERE MAY ALSO BE A CHARGE FOR THE NEW INSTALLATION although there is a 90 day warranty on the dish and cabling."

Saying that, at least I found the info. I tried searching Virgin Media's site (was NTL etc) & cannot find any info about what to do when you move. I could email them by I just wanted to compare what they do about the tv when you move.

  k.d 22:44 14 Feb 2007

when moving even if there is a sky dish at new home they will still charge you for setting it up and if no dish an extra £40 on top

  rupie 23:31 14 Feb 2007

I was working on an exhibition stand Last summer and one day the bosses wanted to watch the Golf. We went to someones house and disconnected their SKY Plus box and took it to the stand and connected it to a dish that happened to be on the top of the building. It worked a treat and SKY knew no different. We even got the package upgraded whilst there!!! A week later we re installed it in the persons house without problems.
If you move and there is no dish then you should pay, just like if there is no aerial. Someone has to pay for it.
On the point about cancelling why are people so supprised! On this site there are always tales of big companies making it hard for people to switch or cancel deals; Just stand your ground and be firm. You are the customer - threaten them with action!!!!!

  BRYNIT 00:12 15 Feb 2007

If you prefer Sky and have been with them over 12 month cancel your subscription for the old address. Sign up on line for a new installation for the new address. New box and 12 month warranty.

  bobbyburtie 01:17 15 Feb 2007

When I phoned Sky to arrange a home move and was told of the £40 fee I mentioned the word cancel, I was then offered the work free and three months half price subscription.

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