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  Rwstill 14:57 17 Sep 2004

Last weekend I had a phone call from sky tv asking if I want to resubscribe to sky.(I did back in 2000 for a 12 month).
I said no not really, he said not if I tell you you can have it 2 months free, then 2 months half price, and no strings atached.
I sat down and thought that will see me past xmas, so I said yes.
Well that was last sunday, still not getting the programs after about 6 phone calls. thier phone number starts 0870, I wonder how much they have cost?
Latest they said it would be on this Friday by 4 o clock, have to see.
Any one else had this offer?


  Stuartli 16:09 17 Sep 2004

Sky is able to switch on your service virtually instantaneously and has been able to do so since the original BskyB days.

Quite often people who decide to end their contract are given better offers when they ring up to do so.

  spuds 19:45 17 Sep 2004

Sky, NTL are all at it with their special offers. NTL have offered me many money saving deals, which seem okay if I was to consider purchasing, but I don't.

Main thing: It's gone past the 4pm deadline- As everything been sorted!.

  BRYNIT 22:55 17 Sep 2004

I think Sky sent out last year new card for all subscribers for the digi boxes. If you were not subscribing to sky you will still have an old card and will only recieve a few channels. They may have sent you a new card.

  Rwstill 12:30 18 Sep 2004

Thanks for the replies.
Up until now 12.17am Saterday, I have been unable to receive the programs promised.
Looking at the way the signal behaved just before 4.00, BBC as well went off I think that they thought I had the right card
After 4.00pm yesterday, I phoned sky, between it all I was on the phone about half an hour.
It seems that they have sent me a new card, that I have not received. Post is a bit iffe in my area at the moment.They say they will post another, ill let you know if it works out ok.

  Rwstill 13:50 18 Sep 2004

Just went to BT on line went to my account.Found out I have paid £2.68 in phone calls to sky.
Anyone knows of another number to cantact sky? these 0870 numbers don't you just love um.


  BRYNIT 19:01 18 Sep 2004

When you recieve your new card you will need to check that it is the correct one as the first card will have been cancelled and will not work. You will also have to get the card activated.

  Rwstill 20:09 18 Sep 2004

Yes,they said that.
I wonder when the two month free trial starts, last week or the day I start getting the programs.

  hmmmm(the original) 21:43 18 Sep 2004

Compain about their poor service. You may get it free for a while longer. I have had my digital package since it started. I have rang to cancel it many times, each time the give me a discount or free upgrade to keep my custom.

Even when I moved house they installed a new dish for free, to keep me as a customer.

I'm just a number to them, there's nothing special about me. You have to play their system. They have a dedicated team for customer retention, it is truely amazing what you can wrangle out of them. If you've been a sky customer over 12 months try it.

  Stuart Leyland 20:50 19 Sep 2004

The issue regarding the card is an important one. Unless your Sky card has a yellow house on it (you'll have to take it out of the Digibox to find out) then you will be unable to watch the channels you have subscribed to.

To find out what we're dealing with, just a few questions:

1. Can you view the BBC channels?
2. What message do you get if you try to view ITV1?
3. Have you rebooted your box.

If the answer to number 3 is "no" then do the following:

1. With your Sky card in the appropriate slot in the Digibox, turn off the power to the Digibox at the plug.

2. Hold the button marked "Backup" on the digibox in.

3. With the button still held in, plug the Digibox back in.

4. Hold the backup button in until all the lights on the front of the Digibox light up. This usually takes around 10 seconds. If the lights haven't all lit up by then, repeat the procedure.

5. You then need to leave the Digibox alone for 10 minutes (preferably leave your entire system alone so as to not interupt the Digibox).

6. When you return to the box, it should be in standby mode (only the red light on the front of the Digbox should be lit). If this is not the case, repeat the procedure. If it is in standby, press the Sky button on your remote control and you should be tuned in to channel 998.

7. Now try watching ITV and see if you can. If you can, try one of the channels you've subscriped to (eg: Sky Sports 1 if you've gone for either Sky Sports World or the Sky Word package).

The idea of this procedure is to get your Sky Digibox to download the latest information available to it and I'm fairly confident it involves contacting the Sky centre to download any new details about your subscription.

Hopefully, this will get you up and running.

Please let us know how you get on :-)

  Rwstill 20:02 20 Sep 2004

As of now 20 September 7.20AM I cannot get any programme other than the BBC,ITV, channel 4 and 5. I have turned the box off, wiped the card, the lot.

The card I have is one I bought off channel 4 for £25 that enabled me to receive channel 4 and 5 without subscription. Its a dark blue with a yellow house.

The times I have phoned sky, different people have answered some have said that the card I have, will enable me to receive these extra sky channels, and others that I have to have a new card. Well, they have not sent a new card ….yet.

As I said in my last post up until now I have paid £2.68 in phone charges, the cost to BT comes to less than 60 pence the rest as gone to sky as its a 0870 number. When you work it out if they offer say 100.000 people this deal and they have my problems its not a bad profit for nothing.

I will give then until Friday, and then they can shove it.

Something loosely related.

I live in the welsh valleys and can’t get free view We have arial masts on the mountain tops, I can see a notice on them that they are owned by NTL.

When they built the Arial I thought the BBC owned them, how did they change hands? As I feel it’s against NTLs interest to allow them to be upgraded to digital.

Any one got any thoughts on this?


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