Sky TV-connection to phone line.

  Nunkie 06:00 14 Oct 2004

Just had sky tv installed.Anyone had any adverse effects to accessing web due to sky connection to BT line? What happens if I do remove sky link from BT socket?

  g0slp 08:56 14 Oct 2004

I don't like the idea of Sky having the phone connection; perhaps I'm cynical/paranoid?

It is a 'condition of service' that the sky box is connected to the phone line, but (ahem) one of my children has a habit of unplugging it...(I sometimes don't see this as the phone socket is behind a chair).

I've not noticed any problems either connected or disconnected; however some people may have problems with their phone not ringing if they have a few phones connected already. This is because the REN on a line is not supposed to exceed 4. I'm close to the exchange, & have had no problems.

You may get a phone call from sky asking why the box is disconnected, but I haven't in nearly 3 years. (Excuse - see above!)

If the box is disconnected you can't use the on-screen film ordering, but the kids can't use the interactive to enter these pesky call-in competitions either, so it might save you money!

  anchor 09:26 14 Oct 2004

Since the day of installation some 7 years ago, I have never had the phone line connected; no problems from Sky TV.

I would use the excuse above if ever there were any queries. Like g0slp I don`t like the idea of Sky having access to the connection.

  Scillonia 10:35 14 Oct 2004

I believe it is only a condition of service for the first 12 months. It reports back your viewing habits to sky.

  g0slp 10:43 14 Oct 2004

The Prosecution rests its case, m'lud...

  MidgetMan 11:15 14 Oct 2004

There was a reported case in the papers awhile ago about someone who got a huge phone bill with a number being rung every few minutes, after connection it would cut off (thus causing a charge to appear) BT investigated and it turned out to be the sky box. Sky of course denied liability saying it must be a fault with the box and not their problem.

I have never had mine plugged in for the last 6/7 years and have never noticed any probs

  Mavisk 13:16 14 Oct 2004

As said above it is a condition of service for the first twelve months only.
If it is unplugged they will usually send you a polite letter (at first), informing you of the terms and conditions.
Plenty of info on this site click here


  raeman 18:06 14 Oct 2004

Had a Problem with dial up connection when I changed from ordinary sky to sky+ , phoned sky they told me to disconnect from phone line while on net, as this was from them on a recorded phone call they couldn't complain in the future.Also only happened on PC ,was ok on laptop with a different modem (now have broadband with no probs)

It's a condition of service to have phone line connected for 12 months. After that you can remove it if you wish. I don't know what penalties there are for removing it earlier. Removed mine after 12 months.

  bruno 23:20 14 Oct 2004

If you have broadband and skyplus you will need the same type of filter you used on your normal phone otherwise you can get problems.I did and Bt pointed out I had neglected to fit a filter and fitting one cured my problems.

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