Sky+ Subscription Increase

  provider 2 12:31 18 Aug 2010

I`ve had a letter today, saying they`re going to increase my subscription by a pound to nineteen quid.

The letter says this is because of improved services. What improved services? I`m on the basic package and nothing has changed except that I`ve now seen all of the documentary repeats I`m interested in and they`re turning up yet again.

Is there a quick and easy way to see which programmes (Freeview?) I would still be able to get if I cancelled my subscription but still using using my Sky+ box?

  Kevscar1 15:05 18 Aug 2010

Have you looked at the freeview site

  MAJ 15:11 18 Aug 2010

"....cancelled my subscription but still using using my Sky+ box"

You'll get the free channels, provider 2, but the pause, rewind, record, etc. functions of the Sky+ box wont work without a Sky+ subscription, as far as I know.

  onthelimit2 15:31 18 Aug 2010

that's one way to raise revenue is to tell you about improved service that don't exist.

  provider 2 16:53 18 Aug 2010

I think I`m in the position where, having had Sky+ for nearly three years, I`m on the brink of ditching it.

How come? Adverts (which I think I`m paying for as well), coming out of me ears; endless repeats of stuff I didn`t watch when on terrestrial Tv; channels I can`t get unless I pay even more money; sport doesn`t interest me at all and an endless stream of stuff about celebrities and the Nazis.

Despite the hundreds of channels, I`m still watching mostly BBC, ITV, Channel 4 which I`ve no choice but to pay for anyway through the licence fee.

Maj ... I thought it would be something like that: loss of some channels and the record, rewind etc functionality. Perhaps I could live without them ... and if the B.of E. and the banks don`t raise interest rates soon I may have no choice anyway.

  961 17:13 18 Aug 2010

If you type Freesat into google you'll find a list of what you can see with your sky box if you cancel your sky sub

Basically you'll get loads of free channels but without sky news and the sky channels you used to pay for. But go look at the list

click here

As you say, you'll lose the ability to record on the sky box, but you can buy another recorder if you wish or you may already have one

  tullie 18:12 18 Aug 2010

Type in sky freesat

  Forum Editor 19:15 18 Aug 2010

and it tipped me over the edge. Times are hard, and will get harder. I'm cancelling my SKY subscription, and am buying a Humax Freesat HF recorder.

  morddwyd 19:57 18 Aug 2010

When I looked at my account details I found that I was able to get rid of the children's' and music channels ( there was no such choice when I started with Sky) which returned my subscription to pre-increase levels.

As my wife is now almost bedridden (up for about four hours a day), and we don't have a cable option, I don't really have much choice - even if it's just the news it's the window on the world which she can no longer go out and experience for herself.

I agree with most of the comments made though.

  CurlyWhirly 21:22 18 Aug 2010

I used to have a Sky+ box when they first came out (I can remember paying £399 for it not like today when Sky gives them away!)

I subscribed for 12 months then cancelled my subscription because of all the repeats and rise in subscription prices.

I was annoyed to learn that the recording functions were disabled when I cancelled my Sky+ subscription which I thought was unfair as the Sky+ box was mine after paying almost £400 for it !

I am happy with Freeview now and have been for the last few years.

  provider 2 11:10 19 Aug 2010

Right that`s it then. Thanks very much for your responses. Time for me to part company with the Sky money-making machine and go with the free stuff (Thanks 961 ... plenty to interest me there, I think.) Strange, or maybe not strange at all if the accountants have had anything to do with it, that the basic package is the worst value for money of all of them.

I kept hoping I would be able to get Sky broadband, which would even up the value-for-money side of things but they`ve shown no interest whatsoever in extending this service to my particular area so that`s a non-starter.

I have some family visiting this weekend, so I`ll leave it for the moment in case the kids need their particular TV fix, and then I`ll give Sky a call on Monday.

I too had to pay for the Sky+ box so I`ll keep using it until it conks out and then (I hope) replace it with one of those Humax boxes (Thanks Forum Ed.)

I`m sure I`ll be able to find a better use for £19 a month :0)

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