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  Old Shep 11:06 23 Sep 2004

Has anybody ever bought from these, Price Drop TV etc. I keep looking at the Vivitar Digital Camera's and am very tempted as they go so cheap from the 'original' price. Any comments appreciated.

  Urotsukidoji 11:32 23 Sep 2004

bought some star wars toys from the channel, (same company as price drop) 2 days later i was playing with my son with yoda, jango fett, obi wan kenobi, anakin skywalker et al!

ah the joys of childhood....

ahem sorry!

not had a problem with them, but there is always someone out there who has....

  TBH1 11:39 23 Sep 2004

have a look here click here

consensus here is not to take much notice of the 'advised' or 'recommended' prices.

  Old Shep 11:40 23 Sep 2004

Thanks for that. Hoping there were not any problems with the. I was looking at the Vivitar camera/mp3 player/etc with 20gb of space all singing all dancing with a guide price of £850 and seems to go for about £295. Wondered if some of these things were discontinued lines as A search of the net for some of them is fruitless.

  Old Shep 11:42 23 Sep 2004

Good link thank you.Will have a read.

  spuds 18:00 23 Sep 2004

The BBC Watchdog programme have been following up on complaints about Auction World click here If you look at the bottom of the report, you will see the tv price against the independent valuation.Wouldn't know if this compares with other action sites, as I no longer use them, since I purchased a couple of bargains from QVC.

Only used Q.V.C. with no probs.

  bremner 19:42 23 Sep 2004

I have had a look at these programs have noted the following.

1. Often no one else seems to sell the product

2. When it is available elsewhere the 'original price' is much higher than the normal asking price elsewhere

3. You can undoubtedly get a bargain but you can also get an awful load of old rubbish!

Caveat Emptor

  Old Shep 21:15 23 Sep 2004

Thank you for your comments. I have now found a couple of the camera's they sell on there and the web site say's they are discontinued. Found out also that they import them from America.

  Stuartli 11:35 26 Sep 2004

Many people use the Internet to check out the "guide" price and then base their bid on the average online outlets' prices.

If it falls below that figure (don't forget p and p charges and phone call charges) then they will add their name to the bids.

Some of the guide prices appear quite unrealistic - no wonder some people are taken in who are not fully aware of certain product prices such as for digital cameras in the shops or online.

Then of course there was the Watchdog feature on another TV auction outlet offering a watch with a "guide price" of 10 times what it was actually worth.

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