sky rubbish service

  Newuser2 19:38 25 Feb 2009

If anyone is thinking of having sky installed make sure you are prepared for a long wait to get the phone line connected.
My son ordered it not me.
The engineer installed the sky box etc on Monday 23rd but we had to chase and chase sky to give a date (an hour or so on hold) for the phone line connection, we were given 10th March, so 2 weeks with no phone line, good old sky some say others I have spoken too tell the truth.
I'll stick with Virgin and a free upgrade from 2 meg to 10 in May and excellent customer service.

  tullie 19:53 25 Feb 2009

Why would you be that long without a phone line,you would keep your current service until the change over.The sky service is fine.

  MAT ALAN 19:58 25 Feb 2009

Not quite sure i get this, "engineer installed the sky box", which i asume is TV related then you talk about Virgin 2meg to 10 meg upgrade which is B/B related...

I have both TV and B/B my phone line was never disconnected at any time...

  HondaMan 20:17 25 Feb 2009

Same here. The guy who installed my sky box fitted a splitter to my phone line, ran the 'phone cable to the sky box, plugged it in - and left. 20 minutes in all and certainly no 'phone disconnection or loss

  tullie 20:51 25 Feb 2009

You will allways keep the current provider until sky start

  peugeot man 23:12 25 Feb 2009

I switched froom BT to Sky 4 weeks ago, my experience was;

Broadband seamless switchover 7 days after order placed, speed jumped from 5mb to 12mb.

Phone line switched 7 days later.

Downtime during switchover was about 1 minute !!

Bottom line is I am now paying half the price I paid BT and getting double the benefits.

  mole44 05:21 26 Feb 2009

were with virgin and despite what people say our service in Luton is brilliant.Oh and all of us on the Virgin cable 2Mbit service are to be upgraded at no cost to 10Mbit in April/May.

  Kevscar1 07:31 26 Feb 2009

My sky was upgraded from 8 to 16 with no extra cost.

If you have a phone line installed like I had it's an instant change over.
I can only assume you didn't, then thats down to BT not Sky

  tullie 08:02 26 Feb 2009

I nearly upgraded from the mid package,but they charge extra for this?

  user8 09:56 26 Feb 2009

We moved from Talk talk to Sky in December2008.
It was so easy, we moved phone & then 10 days later moved broadband.
No problems at all.

  Newuser2 11:25 26 Feb 2009

I should have explained that the order for SKY was placed on the 17 Feb and the phone line has no number allocated to it as the previous occupants didn't use a land line. I contacted BT and they can have a line hooked up in TWO days so why cant SKY

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